‘The Bachelor’ Fans Have Hilarious Mixed Reactions to Hannah B. As the Next Bachelorette

One of the most exciting things about The Bachelor season finale is learning who the brand new Bachelorette will be. But when Chris Harrison announced the woman who will star next season, social media went crazy — and not in the way the producers probably wanted. While some were thrilled to see that Hannah B. would find love next, others were quick to criticize the show’s choice — but they did so in a lighthearted, comical way.

Hannah Brown and Colton Underwood
Hannah Brown is the new Bachelorette. | Josh Vertucci/Getty Images

Hannah B. is a former pageant queen from Alabama

Hannah B., whose real name is Hannah Brown (but she became known as “Hannah B.” to fans in order to differentiate her from Hannah G.) grew up in Alabama and began competing in pageants when she was 15. Brown was eventually crowned Miss Alabama USA 2018 and went on to compete for the crown of Miss USA but lost to Miss Nebraska. However, it didn’t stop her from continuing to compete — that is, Brown eventually became one of the women who would compete for Colton Underwood’s love. Although Underwood eventually eliminated her from the competition, she left a lasting impression on The Bachelor fans — but maybe not in the way the producers would have wanted.

When she was announced as the next Bachelorette, she seemed to be at a loss for words

When host Chris Harrison announced that Brown would be the next Bachelorette, he brought her out for an interview during the live show. However, people quickly noticed Brown seemed to have trouble expressing her thoughts. It was likely both the excitement of being the Bachelorette as well as the awkwardness of being on camera, but Brown’s interview answers seemed a bit unrehearsed (maybe that’s what fans should want, though — someone who isn’t fake in front of the camera). Either way, fans of the show took to social media to express their true thoughts on Brown.

The social media reactions to Brown probably weren’t what producers had hoped for — but they were funny

As soon as Brown was announced, people took to social media to share how they felt about the decision. Various tweets, gifs, and memes took over Twitter — some positive, some not, but all funny. Most people were confused about why Brown was the chosen one out of every woman, and some thought her lack of conversation skills would make for a difficult season to watch. Brown even poked fun at herself during the live show, saying she hoped the men could express their feelings a little better than she could. We’re chalking it up to nervousness — anyone would be a little awkward meeting a bunch of potential lovers all at once.

People also had hilarious thoughts about how former contestant Caelynn might feel knowing Brown is the Bachelorette, since the two seemed to have a feud from the past that stayed alive during the entire show.

Still, some were thrilled to see that the former pageant queen would be on the show

Despite a lot of backlash when Brown was announced, there were plenty of people who agreed she would make a great Bachelorette. Some were relieved she didn’t have as much baggage and drama as former contestants. And some thought her awkwardness on camera only meant that she was actually very real as opposed to some of the show’s choices in the past. Either way, it’s up to the public whether or not they want to tune in next season.

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