‘Bachelor’ Fans Think Hannah Godwin Is ‘Scarily’ Thin

We may currently be watching Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, but before Miss Alabama was chosen to be the star of the show, many hoped Hannah Godwin would actually be the one attempting to find love. Godwin won the first impression rose on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, and she was absolutely the favorite to win through the entire season. Unfortunately, she had her heart crushed when Underwood chose to chase after contestant Cassie Randolph and leave Godwin in the dust.

Now, Godwin is set to appear on Bachelor in Paradise for another shot at reality TV love — but fans are starting to have concerns over her appearance. Here’s what they’re saying about her thin frame on social media.

Hannah Godwin is a model and content creator in her post-Bachelor life

Hannah Godwin
Hannah Godwin | Jeff Kravitz/2019 iHeartMedia

She may not have won Underwood’s heart, but since being the runner-up on the show, life doesn’t seem too bad for Godwin. She’s getting more attention ever on social media, and her Instagram is full of her modeling photos. Godwin even talked to Vulture post-Bachelor about what her job really entails as a social media influencer and content creator.

” I have a background in photography, so sometimes companies reach out to me to take photos or create content for their social campaigns, and I’ll design that,” she explained. “But I also do it for myself for social media. Modeling plays a part in creating stuff, too. Being a creator as a whole is my jam.” And Godwin’s Instagram is also carefully curated to portray the exact image she wants, as she noted she studied marketing and knows “how important it is to keep up brand loyalty.” This likely means there are many more modeling photos to come, which will come with either praise or scrutiny online.

Some fans think she’s looking too thin on Instagram

Most of Godwin’s social media fans are completely supportive, but some think she’s appearing too thin, especially more recently. Many took to this photo that Godwin posted of herself wearing a red dress to express their concerns about her frame. “How is everyone continuously ignoring the elephant in the room: that is you are seriously and scarily underweight,” one fan commented. “Do you have an eating disorder or are you obsessed with restricting your diet? Not good. Sorry all these people keep cheering you on to starve yourself.”

This commenter wasn’t the only one to add their opinions about Godwin’s thinness, either. Another added, ” I feel like our culture is constantly promoting this body image as beautiful when really it is unhealthy.” Others seemed to think this photo in particular could have been stretched, however, making Godwin appear thinner than usual. “Is your body weirdly stretched in this pic??” another follower asked.

She’s not the only one who’s been called out for her body

Cassie Randolph, the apple of Colton Underwood’s eye, has also garnered attention for her thin body — and some of her fans have also noted that she looks like she’s lost weight recently, too. As one Reddit user commented, “Woah, she’s skinnier than I thought.” And another added, “I think her and Colton both lost a good amount of weight post show. I noticed it immediately on ATFR [sic].”

At the end of the day, both Randolph and Godwin seem perfectly happy and healthy, so fans shouldn’t be too concerned. And Underwood also noted that when he was on Bachelor in Paradise, he actually gained a lot of weight due to the constant availability of food and drink. As he told Us Weekly, “I gained 12 pounds during filming. Chips and guacamole straight to the hips.” Will the same thing happen to Godwin? Only time will tell!

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