4 ‘Bachelor’ Finale Theories About Peter Weber’s Ending We Desperately Want to See — But Probably Won’t

Welcome to the madhouse, Bachelor Nation fans. On March 9 and 10, Peter Weber’s season comes to a close with a two-night Bachelor finale event. For now, who the bachelor picks out of Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett remains a mystery. So naturally, many fans have been running wild with The Bachelor finale theories about who Weber ends up with and what could happen to make the 28-year-old experience the “hardest week” of his life. And quite frankly, we would love to see these unfold on-screen.

Peter Weber is single after Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett self-eliminate in ‘The Bachelor’ finale

Peter Weber of 'The Bachelor' visits "Extra" at Burbank Studios on January 07, 2020 in Burbank, California.
Peter Weber | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

After Weber’s final two women were chosen on The Bachelor, fans wondered whether the 28-year-old would end up single, leaving his scar to be his only forever from the experience.

“Maybe #pilotpete ends up with nobody…because both Madison and Hannah Ann eliminate themselves upon further consideration,” a fan wrote on March 4. 

As viewers saw, Madison struggled with Weber sleeping with other women during Fantasy Suite week. Then in the most recent elimination ceremony, she appeared to hesitate when the bachelor offered her the rose, possibly indicating we haven’t seen the last of this issue. 

Meanwhile, Weber’s pink shirt on his one-on-one date with Madison — as shown in the finale promo — matched up with another shot from an earlier preview. “I don’t even know how to do this. My heart is broken right now,” Weber said in a confessional.

Hannah Ann may also face struggles of her own. In the trailer for The Bachelor Season 24, Episode 10, the model got emotional. Madison seemingly didn’t show up to the rose ceremony. But eventually, she arrived late. That said, in the preview, Hannah Ann spoke up in a voiceover. 

“It just makes me feel uncomfortable. I want to be here so bad. I want to feel chosen,” she said. Now the clip was never shown in the episode. So a few fans wondered whether Hannah Ann will say this in The Bachelor finale and leave because she sees how much Weber cares for Madison.

Later, in the finale preview, Weber’s mother was “concerned” about Hannah Ann. Then Hannah Ann got real with the bachelor. “I’m just at a breaking point, honestly,” Hannah Ann said. “I’ve given and given and given. And I just want something in return.”

It seems Weber’s final two picks aren’t 100 percent confident in the bachelor’s love for them. Both Hannah Ann and Madison are expressing their doubts. But is it enough for both of them to leave? We’ll see.

Ashley P. returns to claim Peter Weber’s heart in ‘The Bachelor’ finale

The Bachelor Season 24 premiere feels like a lifetime ago. Weber was all-smiles. There was no cattiness among the contestants. It was truly a simpler time. But we digress. 

The Jan. 6 episode introduced audiences to an instant fan-favorite cast member — Ashley P. For those of you who need a refresher, Ashley P. is a vegetarian and Jenna Serrano’s emotional support cow. And of course, Ashley P. swept the fandom away with her charm.

Unfortunately, Weber did not give Ashley P. a rose on night one. But as we know, something big is coming in the finale. Then early on, fans hoped Ashley P. would end the season by waltzing back into Weber’s life to claim his heart.

“Ashley P out here about to win the whole season #TheBachelorABC,” a fan wrote on Twitter in January.

Kelley Flanagan wins ‘The Bachelor’ 2020

Kelley Flanagan quickly became a quick fan-favorite on The Bachelor when she called out Weber for his tendency to “reward the drama” on the show. Some viewers even backed her as the next bachelorette, even after she was sent home during a three-on-one date in week 7. However, those dreams were crushed when Kelley did not appear at the “Women Tell All” special.

According to franchise blogger Reality Steve, Kelley told people she wasn’t invited to The Bachelor reunion filmed in February. And of course, many fans weren’t sure why. Kelley finished in Weber’s top five and, as mentioned, was a fan-favorite. So The Bachelor viewers got to work with theories, including one about Kelley winning Weber’s season.

In addition to Kelley’s absence during The Bachelor Season 24 “Women Tell All” special, a few fans noticed Weber’s family — including his father, mother, and brother — follow Kelley on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Reality Steve released DMs from a swarm of fans who speculated Kelley’s return. A few viewers even wondered whether Kelley was pregnant, further explaining why she wasn’t at the “WTA.” They also theorized this is the big news host Chris Harrison tells Weber in The Bachelor finale. Nevertheless, Reality Steve strongly refuted the theory.

Hannah Brown comes back (again)

We love a full-circle moment. In The Bachelor Season 24 premiere, The Bachelorette‘s Hannah Brown returned. On limo night, the 25-year-old met up with Weber for some closure. Then Brown hosted a group date. However, she started to fall apart backstage.

When Weber found Brown crying, lingering feeling spilled out the seams. The couple discussed their relationship and breakup. Weber asked Brown to join the house. Brown asked Weber to ditch the show altogether. But in the end, they decided to go separate ways.

The raw moment between Brown and Weber touched Bachelor Nation fans watching from home. And although the pair said their final goodbyes, many viewers predicted the twist at the end of the season would be Brown returning to steal the bachelor’s heart. Even now — after Weber started falling for his contestants and both parties teased they were no longer together — fans continued to hold out hope.

“Part of my is still convinced that Peter ends up with Hannah Brown #TheBachelor,” a fan tweeted on March 2. 

At this point, anything could happen in The Bachelor Season 24 finale. As we’ve seen all season long, Weber’s journey is unpredictable. That said, we’re aware it’s unlikely most of these finale theories will actually play out. But if they did, it would truly be the most dramatic season of The Bachelor ever. So hold on tight. The conclusion begins on March 9 at 8 p.m. EST.

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