‘Bachelor in Paradise’: 3 Men From Tayshia Adams’ Season Rumored to Join Cast

Fans are eager to hear as much information about the new season of Bachelor in Paradise as possible. So far, we know the season is going to happen in summer 2021 — but ABC has yet to announce the cast list. Rumors are swirling three men from Clare Crawley/Tayshia Adams’ seasons of The Bachelorette will join. Here’s who the men are.

Who will be on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’? The cast is rumored to include these 3 men

So, who will join the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 cast? So far, not many Bachelor and Bachelorette stars confirmed they’re headed to the beach. But Joe Park from Tayshia Adams’ season posted about getting ready for Paradise, Cosmopolitan reports. ABC executive Robert Mills also confirmed Joe will attempt to find love on the show.

So, who are the other three men from Tayshia and Clare’s seasons rumored to join the cast? According to Marie Claire, Noah Erb, Chasen Nick, and Spencer Robertson are all rumored to join.

Noah stirred a ton of trouble with the other men on Tayshia’s season. The nurse was after Tayshia’s heart, but he frequently butted in on dates he wasn’t meant to attend. This put him at odds with many of the other men on the show, particularly with Bennett Jordan.

Chasen also caused a scene, as his intentions were questioned while on The Bachelorette. Two contestants questioned if Chasen went on the show for the “wrong reasons.”

Spencer was one of Tayshia’s early favorites. She noted he looks like someone she used to date, and he immediately caught her eye. “And he just made my heart skip a beat a little bit,” Tayshia said. “I think that’s the first impression, isn’t it?”

Matt James and Tyler Cameron are not joining ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ cast

We’re not sure if Spencer, Chasen, and Noah will be on Bachelor in Paradise or not. But there are a few contestants who certainly won’t make an appearance on the beach. Matt James and Tyler Cameron won’t look for love on reality TV again anytime soon.

Matt recently completed his season as The Bachelor. He thought he found love with Rachael Kirkconnell, but her past racist actions on social media caused their breakup. Currently, it seems they’re working through their issues, and Rachael is learning how to become antiracist.

Tyler was the runner-up on Hannah Brown’s season. While fans hoped he and Hannah would find their way back to each other eventually, it didn’t seem to happen.

In a recent interview, Matt said he and Tyler won’t be on Paradise. “There’s a negative chance I’ll be on Paradise,” he said. “There is a negative chance Tyler’s on there as well. I think we’re good on that.”

When does the new season begin?

The cast of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 6 standing next to each other
The cast of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 6 | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

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When does Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 air? The show’s premiere date is August 16, 2021.

We’re looking forward to some late-summer beach romance, but before that, we’ll also keep up with Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. Thurston’s season starts on June 7, and production already wrapped.

After Thurston, Michelle Young, Matt’s runner-up, will get her shot at love. She also has her own season of The Bachelorette that will likely air in fall 2021. Michelle is a schoolteacher and didn’t want to have to interrupt another year of school to film, so she’ll start filming in the summer.

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