‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Fans Think Angela Deserves Way Better Than Clay

Bachelor In Paradise never fails to deliver when it comes to the entertainment factor. This season’s drama between exes Angela Amezcua and Clay Harbor is so cringy, it’s almost comical. Harbor has made it clear that he is struggling with being in proximity to Amezcua, but fans of the show are largely taking Amezcua’s side.

Clay Harbor and Angela Amezcua from Bachelor in Paradise
Clay Harbor and Angela Amezcua | Instagram via Clay Harbor

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6

Though she arrived weeks after Harbor, Amezcua’s surprise entrance has made serious waves on the beach. Her mere presence has shaken the foundation of Harbor’s budding relationship. Both Harbor and his new girlfriend have taken the opportunity to try to cut Amezcua down. Convinced that she has ulterior motives, they have collectively made fun of her, questioned her intentions, and even tried to shame her for her body, ideas, and goals. But in spite of all this, many fans remain firmly on Amezcua’s side and they have no qualms about openly showing their support.

Fans take Angela Amezcua’s side

“Not sure where you are in your life after BIP but all I have to say from watching is, you bounce those curls girl!!! Nicole showed her insecurities and immaturity when you walked down those stairs. Screw that hater. And for Clay, like you said if it’s ok for him to be there why can’t you. He just doesn’t want to see you with anyone else. Whenever he’s done with his games he wants you there. You’re too beautiful to deal with those two,” one fan wrote calling out the behavior of Harbor and his new girlfriend.

Another fan called out the double standard that many people on the Bachelor In Paradise beach were putting forth. Plenty of castmembers were challenging Amezcua’s motives for being on the beach, but in truth, she deserves to be there as much as anyone else. “So Clay can date other people on NATIONAL TV, but you can’t date people in front of him on the same beach? Eff that. You get it, girl! Team Angela!!,” the fan stated adamantly.

Calling out Clay Harbor’s bad behavior

One fan was even apologetic of the behavior that Clay and his girlfriend displayed. “I’m so sorry how rude they were about you in that episode. It is NOT your fault you guys dated and if he wants to have a chance to find love you deserve that too,” the Instagram user penned. Others found it humorous that Amezcua was enjoying herself while Harbor was sulking. “You were off on a date being happy & beautiful while Clay was sitting around stressing about you & his ‘girlfriend’ was losing her mind with jealousy. Priceless,” a fan pointed out.

Some fans even went out of their way to share their personal stories with the Bachelor In Paradise star. “I once had an ex tell me wanting to “just be a wife and mother” meant I didn’t have ambition…now here I am “just” a wife and a mother and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My girls and husband are my world and I wouldn’t change a thing about it You are beautiful and will find your person,” the fan confessed.

Paradise found?

It’s nice to see so many people advocating for Amezcua in this situation. Especially since so many negative things have been said about her in the context of the show and so many assumptions have been made. We wish her the best on her continued journey to find love.