‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Bartender Wells Adams Doesn’t Think Mike Johnson is Ready to be the Bachelor

Bachelor in Paradise serves one function, to give us the next Bachelor. Of course, the contestants finding love and getting engaged at the end is a nice bonus, but that’s not what we are all here for. We’re here for the drama and to find the next Bachelor.

Before Bachelor in Paradise, most of the Bachelors would come from the previous Bachelorette season. But since Paradise now airs in between The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, it gives contestants who may not have received the best edits on The Bachelorette the chance to redeem themselves and win over audiences.

We’ve seen it happen time and time again. Just look at Nick Viall. He was public enemy number one after his two stints on The Bachelorette. But then when he went on Paradise and seemed to genuinely want love, fans began to rally around him and he became the Bachelor. Colton Underwood didn’t really make that big of an impression on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette but when he failed to find love in Paradise, he also became the Bachelor.

Who do fans want to be the Bachelor?

Since he flashed his award-winning smile on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, fans have been gunning for Mike Johnson to be the Bachelor. His breakup with Brown was one of the hardest to watch, which made his chances of becoming the Bachelor even higher. And now that he is on Paradise, all he has to do is maintain his good image and he may be a shoo-in for the role.

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Why doesn’t Wells Adams think Johnson is ready to be the Bachelor?

As the resident bartender of Paradise, Wells Adams has a great handle on what is going on on the beach and in the franchise in general. But unfortunately, Adams isn’t so sure about Johnson being the Bachelor.

“For Mike, I don’t really know,” Adams told Entertainment Tonight. “I think he would be a great Bachelor. He’s got a million-watt smile, he’s tall as a house. And he’s a veteran.” 

“Nothing but mad respect for him,” he continued. “[But] I think what people fail to grasp is you have to build a show around that person, and I don’t know if he’s ready for it, just in terms of the spotlight being on him that much. And the only reason I say that is because when you watch back, he’s just not on the show a lot.”

It’s true that Johnson hasn’t been featured that much on BIP. Since his entrance onto the beach, he has sort of faded into the background, which isn’t so great for his chances of being the Bachelor.

“When you hear the producers are leaning toward one or the other, they’d be a good ‘lead’ or whatever, I think that what they’re saying is you have to remember, yes, everyone deserves love and it would be so great if everyone could do it on this nationally televised show, but who is going to be able to, like, handle [it] all,” Adams said.

“There’s a lot of pressures that go on around it, and I wonder if they’re like, ‘He’s great, but he’s not ready for that quite yet.”