‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Blake Horstmann is the Worst and Other Revelations From Night One

Last night, Bachelor in Paradise returned to our lives. And already there were laughs, there were tears, and there were even a few hookups. Which means this season will obviously be a juicy one.

In past seasons, the first episode of the show is typically focused on catching up with what the Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants have been doing in the offseason or since we last saw them. Apparently, this go-round, a lot had happened with a few of the contestants.

Here are just a few things that we learned last night.

Demi Burnett dated a woman

Typically when people come on BIP, they are single. In her intro package, Demi Burnett not only revealed that she was seeing someone, but that that person was a woman.

“Plot twist, it happens to be a woman,” Burnett told Hannah Brown of her relationship. “It’s not something that I need to label, so I feel like I don’t have to proclaim that I am gay, I am straight, I am bisexual, I am this. I just like who I like. It doesn’t matter who or what you are, it’s the person.”

“We really fell head over heels for each other,” she continued. “She has the warmest energy. She never gets mad. She’s amazing.”

But despite their strong feelings for one another, the pair was not exclusive so Burnett wasn’t breaking any rules by coming on the show. She ultimately decided to come to Paradise to figure out what she wanted.

“It’s been really confusing,” she said. “It’s this constant indecisiveness in me and I just feel like the only way for me to truly know what I want and how I want to love and who I want to love is if I try out Paradise. Maybe Paradise  is what it’s going to take for me to figure it out.”

Clay Harbor and Angela Amezcua

Sometimes the members of Bachelor Nation get together off-camera. That’s exactly what happened with Clay Harbor and Angela Amezcua. The two were introduced by Chris Randone and immediately hit it off. They seemed to be getting pretty serious for months until Harbor suddenly stopped posting Amezcua on his Instagram.

Last night on Paradise, he revealed that he broke up with Amezcua because they just weren’t each other’s “person.”

Blake Horstmann is the worst

Blake Horstmann was a fan favorite from Becca Kufrin’s season. He was so sweet and genuine that he seemed like the perfect guy. But apparently, since getting Bachelor fame, Horstmann has been up to no good.

In the offseason, he had been dating Kristina Schulman from Nick Viall’s Bachelor season and then told Caelynn Miller-Keyes from Colton Underwood’s season that he and Schulman had nothing going on between them. He then proceeded to hook up with each girl within one night of each other.

“I thought he was a great guy and that we really had something,” Miller-Keyes told bartender Wells Adams of what happened between her and Horstmann. “We talked about skipping Paradise and coming out with us, and then he ghosted me. Just like fully stopped communication and now I’m here. F—ing first date. And then we saw each other at a music festival. He ended up sweet-talking me and we spent the night together. And we wake up and I’m in his bed and he’s DMing Hannah G. I’m still in his bed, he’s talking about how hot Tayshia is. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Like no dude, that’s not okay. And then he was like, ‘I just want to let you know I hooked up with Kristina the night before.'”

But now that both Miller Keyes and Schulman are on the beach, Horstmann will have to come clean.