Does Colton Really Think Caelynn & Dean Should Leave ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Together?

We hate to say it, but Chris Harrison was right. This is truly turning out to be the “most dramatic season of Bachelor In Paradise in Bachelor history.” Between body-shaming, fighting at a wedding, and awkward love triangles, things have been a nonstop spectacle. And though paradise is winding down, it seems that the drama is still warming up. Fans and the Bachelor In Paradise cast alike were shocked when Dean Unglert returned to the beach in the hopes of leaving hand-in-hand with Caelynn-Miller Keyes.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes of Bachelor In Paradise
Caelynn Miller-Keyes | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

Once Miller-Keyes got over her strange relationship with Blake Horstmann, she was all-in on her budding relationship with Unglert. Unglert seemed to be all in on Miller-Keyes as well, as he turned down the opportunity to go on several dates in favor of spending more time with the former beauty queen. However, when Miller-Keyes began to press Unglert for answers about what their relationship would look outside of the Bachelor In Paradise world, he began to pull away.

Leaving before things got serious

While Miller-Keyes was interested in pursuing things with Unglert after the show, Unglert was only interested in having fun while they were both on Bachelor In Paradise. He made this abundantly clear when he left paradise on Miller Keyes’ birthday, following a rose ceremony. Before leaving, Unglert confessed that he didn’t want to make things more difficult by staying around for a few more weeks when he knew he didn’t want to be in a relationship post-paradise.

Why Dean Unglert turned his van around

Miller-Keyes was devastated by the news and even considered leaving the beach herself until Connor Saeli showed up and the two formed a connection. The pair have been dating exclusively, and Miller-Keyes seemed happy with him. However, this all changed when Unglert returned to the beach sometime later to ask her to leave Bachelor In Paradise with him. Unglert confessed that he was shocked by the connection the two shared and that he didn’t want to miss his opportunity to pursue a relationship with her.

Bachelor Nation is divided

Bachelor Nation is divided on what they believe Miller-Keyes should do in this situation. Some fans believe that Unglert had his chance and that he’s just a player who will ultimately end up breaking Miller-Keyes’ heart. Those fans think she should stick with Saeli, who has more of a “good guy” persona. However, other fans think that the connection she shares with Unglert is undeniable and she should pursue what life might look like with him. But what does Colton Underwood, Miller-Keyes’ good friend, and ex-boyfriend, think about the situation?

Former Bachelor, Colton Underwood, weighs in

Recently, Underwood weighed in on this unique turn of events. “Cassie left my show, so I can actually sympathize with Caelynn a lot for what she’s going through. She’s in the relationship, she’s the only one who can feel what’s right for her and what Dean’s intentions are. So for me, I just knew. I was in that relationship with Cass so I felt like she really wanted to commit but she just couldn’t because of the environment. I think that’s sort of the same with what Dean was going through and having the self-realization. … It’s up to her,” Underwood confessed in an interview with Us Weekly.

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Will Caelynn Miller-Keys leave paradise with Dean Unglert

Spoken like a true friend and a better ex-boyfriend. No matter how Bachelor Nation feels about Saeli and Unglert, this decision is Miller-Keyes’ to make. She is the only person who can decide which man will make her truly happy in the long run. Though she might ultimately make the wrong decision, the mistake is entirely hers to make. As long as she’s following her heart, we can’t fault her for her choice. We have a hunch that Miller-Keyes will be leaving Bachelor In Paradise sooner rather than later, but we’ll have to wait until tonight to see.