‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Christian Estrada Claims He Could Have Stolen Nicole Away From Clay

Christian Estrada seems to hold himself in some very high esteem. The Bachelor in Paradise alum, despite being kicked off the show after getting into a fight with Jordan Kimball, isn’t finished with the drama just yet

While Estrada isn’t on the show any longer, he’s made some inflammatory claims and challenges since being kicked off. He recently challenged Kimball to a fight, claiming that he refuses to shake his hand until they’ve duked it out. 

In addition, Estrada has gone ahead to say that, if he were still on the show, he’d have no problems winning over Nicole from Clay. 

Estrada dukes it out with Kimball

Bachelor in Paradise fans and cast alike were shocked when Jordan Kimball and Christian Estrada got into a physical altercation. Naturally, it all occurred over a woman — could it be any other way on the Bachelor franchise? 

Christian Estrada was interested in Nicole Lopez-Alvar, but unfortunately so was Kimball’s friend, Clay. Estrada and Lopez-Alvar were spending some time together on the beach when Kimball seemingly lost it. He ripped down a piñata hanging above the couple, and that’s when things got physical between Estrada and Kimball. 

Kimball wound up body-slamming Estrada into the ground. Estrada was understandably angry, and producers had to run out and prevent him from charging at Kimball. Both of the cast members were booted from Bachelor in Paradise as a result. 

Since then, it seems as if Estrada hasn’t let go of what happened.

Ready to fight — and litigate

During a recent appearance on the Domenick Nati Show, Christian Estrada made it clear that he’s not finished with Jordan Kimball just yet. In fact, he said that he refuses to interact peaceably with Kimball until they’ve duked it out.

When he was asked if he could beat Kimball one-on-one, Estrada replied, “I’ll be honest with you, if I do get a call back to the reunion, if Jordan tries to shake my hand, I’ll be honest I’m not going to shake his hand until we go one-on-one. You know, no cameras no security, let’s go, one-on-one bro. I mean I’ll call you out man and afterward if you wanna shake my hand we can shake hands.”

Estrada went on to add, “You think you’re tough, I’m tougher than you. I’ll call you out on the sidewalk bro like anytime. You know I can drive to you, you can go to my gym, and we’ll just call it off right there you know?”

Additionally, Estrada says he’s working on a legal case against either Kimball or ABC. “I have the best lawyers in New York looking at the case right now, they’re handling this, but besides that I can call out Jordan any time he wants,” said Estrada. 

He added, “Right now my dad’s got a hold of a few attorneys and lawyers. They’re the ones doing their job, but we’ll see. I don’t know if this is Jordan’s fault, or ABC, or whoever it is — but there are going to be consequences.”

Mr. Steal Your Girl, apparently

It seems that the Bachelor in Paradise star is confident in his abilities to win over his lost flame. According to Estrada, nothing could have been easier, had he stayed on the show.   

When asked on the Domenick Nati Show if he could have won out over Clay, Estrada answered in the positive, “Definitely. If Nicole had something for him I’d respect that but now looking forward to the show it doesn’t make sense anymore. After I left she’s over here kissing on Clay and who knows what’s gonna happen. I don’t even know if they’ll end up with each other. … No doubt, a hundred percent