‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Christian Estrada Claims He’s Pursuing Legal Action Against Jordan, Challenges Him to Fight

Bachelor in Paradise alum Christian Estrada might be off the show, but he’s certainly not done with it. The reality star was booted from the show alongside Jordan Kimball after an altercation between the two escalated to the physical. 

Now, Estrada is claiming that he’s not done with Jordan Kimball. According to Estrada he could take Kimball any time, and refuses to shake his hand until they’ve duked it out. 

Estrada’s fight with Kimball 

Fans and castmates alike were shocked when Jordan Kimball and Christian Estrada got into a physical altercation on Bachelor in Paradise. Estrada had been interested in another cast member, Nicole Lopez-Alvar. Unfortunately, Kimball’s friend, Clay, was also interested in Lopez-Alvar. 

Apparently, Estrada was monopolizing Nicole’s time — not an unreasonable thing to expect someone to do in a situation where they’re vying for one person’s affection. However, Kimball was not happy with that. 

While Estrada was spending time with Lopez-Alvar, Kimball approached and tore down a piñata suspended nearby. The two got into a scuffle over it, and Kimball wound up body-slamming Estrada into the sand. Producers showed up and had to stop Estrada from charging at Kimball. 

After the fight, Bachelor in Paradise cast member Katie Morton said, “There’s no way all of us are gonna feel safe with them around. The two of them need to leave. They’re out of control.”

Estrada challenges Kimball to fight 

During a recent appearance on the Domenick Nati Show, Bachelor in Paradise star Christian Estrada made some spurious claims — he asserts that he refuses to interact peaceably with Jordan Kimball until they’ve fought. 

When asked if he’d hurt Kimball in a fair fight, Estrada replied, “I’ll be honest with you, if I do get a call back to the reunion, if Jordan tries to shake my hand, I’ll be honest I’m not going to shake his hand until we go one-on-one. You know, no cameras no security, let’s go, one-on-one bro. I mean I’ll call you out man and afterward if you wanna shake my hand we can shake hands.”

Estrada continued, “You think you’re tough, I’m tougher than you. I’ll call you out on the sidewalk bro like anytime. You know I can drive to you, you can go to my gym, and we’ll just call it off right there you know?”

It’s a little embarrassing for an adult man to be so hung up on a beachside scuffle, but if that’s the sort of thing Estrada wants to focus on, it’s clear why he’s still a bachelor. 

Claims he’s pursuing legal action

Beyond challenging Jordan Kimball to a rematch, Estrada has made claims that he’s investigating possible legal action against his Bachelor in Paradise castmate. 

“I have the best lawyers in New York looking at the case right now, they’re handling this, but besides that I can call out Jordan any time he wants,” said Estrada. 

He added, “Right now my dad’s got a hold of a few attorneys and lawyers. They’re the ones doing their job, but we’ll see. I don’t know if this is Jordan’s fault, or ABC, or whoever it is — but there are going to be consequences.”

It’s unclear whether or not Estrada will continue to pursue legal actions against Kimball and ABC.