‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Connor Saeli Finds Love Again After Leaving the Beach

Let’s face it, getting broken up with sucks. Especially if it’s not something that you saw coming. But getting broken up with on national television, that’s something that most people can’t even imagine.

For Connor Saeli, it’s happened to him not once, but twice. First, just when he started falling in love with Hannah Brown on her season of The Bachelorette, she decided that she didn’t have the same feelings for him and sent him home. Then, he thought Bachelor in Paradise would give him a second shot at love. And at first, it seemed like it did. Once he arrived on the beach, he immediately hit it off with Caelynn Miller-Keyes. The two basically slid right into a relationship. Unfortunately for Saeli, there was a twist on the way.

Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert

We all know a guy who isn’t ready to be in a serious relationship. It’s a familiar trope that’s been played out in romantic comedies for decades. When he first got to Paradise, Dean Unglert was the epitome of this archetype. Complete with an outrageous stache and stories of living in a van, Unglert was attractive to most women on the beach. After getting into more than a few Bachelor relationships that didn’t end well, Unglert just wanted to have fun this go around.

But then he met Miller-Keyes and the two had a connection that most people can only hope for. When things started getting serious, Unglert got scared, broke up with Miller-Keyes, and sent himself home.

Saeli vs. Unglert

After getting to know Miller-Keyes once Unglert went home, Saeli thought they became a strong couple. He believed that he had finally found his person. But all of those hopes and dreams came crashing down when Unglert came back on the beach and asked Miller-Keyes to leave with him.

At first, the former beauty queen was torn, but ultimately she decided to leave Paradise to be with Unglert.

Saeli finds love again

There was one other girl that Saeli had been interested in meeting on the beach and that was Whitney Fransway from Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor.

“It’s hard when 90 percent of the people here have found a connection with someone and are pursuing that and I haven’t really found that,” Saeli said. “Revian’s a cool girl, but I didn’t feel like I clicked with her, exactly. But at the wedding, I met Whitney. She’s gorgeous. We had a couple of good conversations. Honestly, I can’t stop thinking about her. Whitney is the only one that I’m super interested in. If she doesn’t come, I’ll probably just leave. I’m not here to get a friendship rose. I genuinely came here to find someone, to find love. If that’s not happening…I don’t want to be here.”

In a strange turn of events which normally only happen in movies, Saeli left the beach just before Fransway arrived.

Not ready to give up on their love story, Fransway left Paradise and went to Saeli’s hotel room to pursue him.

 “I can’t believe this is happening!” Saeli said when she arrived. “All I wanted was for you to come down and go on a date, so this is the best.”

Aww, don’t you just love a happy ending?