‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Could This Fan Favorite be This Season’s Villain?

Everybody loves to hate Bachelor and Bachelorette villains. But let’s face it, the shows wouldn’t be the same without them. Villains often move the story along. They add another dimension to every season, Without them, the show would probably get stale after the first few professions of “starting to fall in love.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the fan favorites are often the heroes of the story. They stay out of the drama and seem to truly be there for love.

Often, these two characters couldn’t be more different. The hero has all of the things that the villain lacks. But this season of Bachelor in Paradise may prove that villains and fan favorites are a lot more similar than we ever thought.

Who is Blake Horstmann?

We first met Horstmann when he was competing for Becca Kufrin’s heart on The Bachelorette. His genuine spirit and love for Kufrin made him an early fan favorite. Unfortunately, he ended up finishing the season as the runner-up.

But fans loved him so much that they wanted him to be the next Bachelor. Which may have happened if Colton Underwood hadn’t gone on Bachelor in Paradise and absolutely won fans over with his plight to find true love.

How could Horstmann be the villain?

Luckily for Horstmann, he got another chance at love on Paradise. But according to the previews for this season, his time in paradise may not go as smoothly as his stint on The Bachelorette.

In the preview for this season, it was revealed that Horstmann ends up taking a liking to Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams.

“He’s just gotten himself into a bit of a sticky situation,” Dean Unglert, who knows a thing or two about love triangles on Bachelor in Paradise, says in the promo. “We’ve all been there before.”

Unfortunately for Godwin and Adams, they both have, in fact, been there before. They both made it to the final three of Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor before being sent home at the same time.

As we saw when Unglert tried to date both Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard, the men in love triangles on Paradise aren’t viewed too kindly.

“In the moment, while I was filming, I just wanted to be honest and open about everything — including my feelings for both of them,” Unglert told People of the whole debacle in 2017.

“People ask me if I regret anything – of course I made a lot of bad decisions while I was there, but I don’t necessarily regret it because had I not done it, I wouldn’t have been able to look back with the perspective of knowing what I did wrong,” he said at the time. “The negativity is horrible.”

The way that Unglert was portrayed on the show completely changed how audiences viewed him and ruined his chances of becoming the next Bachelor.

If Horstmann isn’t able to figure out what he wants and nip the love triangle in the bud quickly this season, then he may be trading in his fan favorite hat for villain horns.