‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Dean Unglert Is ‘Excited For The future’ With Caelynn Miller-Keyes–’She Challenges Me’

Uh-oh, looks like Mr. Adamantly Single Dean Unglert‘s been bitten by the love bug.

Dean Unglert | Allen Berezovsky/WireImage
Dean Unglert | Allen Berezovsky/WireImage

Going into the most recent season of Bachelor In Paradise, Dean Unglert was almost determined to not leave with a girlfriend. He’d grown a mustache, he lived in a van–walls he’d intentionally put up in an effort to repel potential mates.

“Truth be told: I went on the show not looking to be in a relationship with anyone,” he shared on an episode of his Help! I Suck at Dating podcast before the Bachelor In Paradise finale aired. “I’m not saying whether I am in a relationship now or I’m not, but I went on the show with zero intention to leave the show in a relationship.”

“I went on the show without expecting to leave in a relationship, almost actually fighting it to leave in a relationship,” Unglert added.

Unluckily (or, luckily) for Unglert, Caelynn Miller- Keyes likes mustaches and vans.

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes are very different and they love it

In an interview with Life & Style, Unglert admitted that his and Miller-Keyes’ “interests are way different,” but what they lack in commonality they make up for in chemistry.

According to the reality star and podcast host, their relationship has been going well since the end of Paradise.

“She’s great. She challenges me. We have a lot of fun when we hang out together, and despite our differences, I guess that we enjoy each other’s company. And that’s what at the end of the day is important,” he told the publication. “In my opinion, we gotta hang out. We gotta have fun. We gotta laugh. You gotta smile. Yeah, we just enjoy it.”

Unglert also admitted that though he’s definitely still a “person that values my space,” he’s happy about his current relationship status.

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes are in no rush to get engaged

“Things are going well. I don’t want to really go much further than that. But she’s fantastic. She’s great. We’re having a lot of fun together,” he said. “I’m excited for the future, but I’m not ready to say that she’s the one or anything like that.”

Unglert knows typical Bachelor In Paradise protocol involves moving very quickly. Though he’s having fun with, laughing, and smiling with Miller-Keyes, he acknowledges that they’ve only been dating a little over two months. So he’s not exactly hearing wedding bells at this point.

“Obviously, our relationship is very new. We’re two and a half months into our relationship, so, we’re trying to figure everything out. It’s like a learning period,” he said. “She’s got her interests; I got mine. And it’s just a matter of time, you gotta figure out how those all meld together.”

While Unglert surprised some Bachelor fans when he made the decision to live in a van full-time, pursuing a nomadic life, he didn’t surprise others. It just seemed to be on brand.

Life & Style asked the vagabond if he had any advice for others who are in search of a partner who melds with their unconventionl lifestyle.

“I think you could just go about doing what you wanna do. Your interests. And you explore your hobbies and you’re gonna find the person that aligns with you directly. And that’s what’s really the most important,” he said.

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