‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Demi & Caelynn Bonded Over This Strange Thing

Bachelor In Paradise is only a week away and we can hardly wait. The show is one of Bachelor Nation’s favorite guilty pleasures because it combines the drama of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in a Summer free for all. Bachelor In Paradise brings back fan favorites (and villains) from previous seasons on the franchise and gives them another shot at love. Two cast members that Bachelor Nation are most excited to see are Demi Burnett and Caelynn Miller-Keyes. Both women were a part of Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, though they were in different friend groups. But now the pair seems to have bonded over this strange thing.

Demi Burnett & Chris Harrison stars of Bachelor In Paradise alongside Caelynn Miller-Keyes
Demi Burnett & Chris Harrison | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Cast members of ‘The Bachelor’

Both Burnett and Miller-Keyes had their fair share of criticism on their season of The Bachelor. Burnett was often painted as the villain of the season because of her playful demeanor and bold choices. Miller-Keyes, on the other hand, found herself in hot water after she and winner, Cassie Randolph were speaking about possibly being the bachelorette prematurely.

All the wrong reasons

Ahead of Bachelor In Paradise, the Miller-Keyes’ drama began after Underwood was informed that some of the women weren’t on the show for the right reasons. When Underwood confronted Tayshia Adams, the season’s third-place winner, about the rumor, Adams named Miller-Keyes and Randolph as the women who weren’t ready for an engagement.

Naturally, Underwood immediately went out of his way to confront Miller-Keyes about the accusations and she was incensed.“I feel like my future was just ripped away from me because there’s an insecure 28-year-old girl running around the house,” she said referring to Adams. Later, Miller-Keyes would go on to double down on her statements calling Adams a “stupid bi*ch”.

Cassie Randolph & Caelynn Miller-Keyes vs the other women

Though Miller-Keyes eventually apologized to Adams via an Instagram DM, many of her castmates were still upset with her for the way she behaved. Miller-Keyes was quick to admit that she also was harboring hurt feelings with her former castmates. “It just sucks that a conversation that Cassie and I had on a bus was taken out of context. There are a little bit of hurt feelings still there,” the Bachelor In Paradise contestant said in a podcast.

Demi Burnett’s Instagram caption

But it seems that Miller-Keyes is no longer harboring hurt feelings, at least in regards to Burnett. Burnett recently posted a photo to her Instagram that revealed that she and Miller-Keyes are closer than ever, having bonded over the strangest thing. “I cropped my porky potato toes lol,” Burnett caption a photo of her lounging on the beach, smiling with one leg and arm in the air.

A strange bond

The photo quickly gained over 100,000 likes and 320 comments. One person who made sure to comment on the post was Miller-Keyes. “I’ll never forget the moment we bonded over this. Someone finally understands,” the beauty queen wrote. “Caelyn Miller-Keyes you made me feel less alone on a beach full of people with perfect feet. I love you 5ever,” Burnett quickly responded possibly referring to the pair’s tenure on Bachelor In Paradise.

Bachelor In Paradise 2019

Looks like there won’t be any trouble in paradise for these two women. We’re happy to see that if there were ever hurt feelings between the two of them, they’ve let bygones be bygones. We can’t wait to see how their respective journey’s on Bachelor In Paradise play out. Until then, we’ve got a bachelorette finale to watch.