‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Do Kristina Schulman and Blake Horstmann Date After the Show?

[Spoilers ahead for Bachelor in Paradise]

This season of Bachelor in Paradise is proving to be one of the most dramatic yet. While Blake Horstmann isn’t the center of drama currently, he was when the season first began. From Caelynn Miller-Keyes to Hannah Godwin, Horstmann fell out of favor with all of the women he first pursued both on the show and before the season even began.

Now, it looks like he may get a fresh start with the one who’s been handing him “friendship roses,” Kristina Schulman. Schulman and Horstmann struck a deal that they would keep each other around so they’d both have opportunities to pursue love each week with other people — but Horstmann recently decided that who he really wanted was Schulman all along. So, with this recent revelation, where do the two stand today? Here’s what we know.

Kristina Schulman and Blake Horstmann famously got together at Stagecoach

Blake Horstmann and Kristina Schulman
Blake Horstmann and Kristina Schulman | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

This season of Bachelor in Paradise started off with a lot of talk about Stagecoach. Blake Horstmann, Kristina Schulman, and Caelynn Miller-Keyes all attended the country festival — and they all ended up on Paradise together, too. PopSugar reminds us Horstmann had romantic relations with both girls one night after the other at the festival, and neither Schulman or Miller-Keyes were happy about it. This led to such a blow-up with Miller-Keyes, in fact, that Horstmann felt the need to defend his actions by exposing her text messages on his Instagram.

PopSugar notes when Schulman arrived on the beaches of Paradise, she asked Horstmann out on a date — but she took that opportunity alone with him to roast him for his actions at Stagecoach. Since the rocky beginning, however, Schulman and Horstmann have developed a close bond, and they’ve been giving each other friendship roses ever since.

Horstmann wants to give things another shot with Schulman

Blake Horstmann and Kristina Schulman
Blake Horstmann and Kristina Schulman | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

On the latest episodes of the show, fans see Horstmann go through an epiphany of his own. While he was feeling bummed that everyone around him on the beach seems to be finding love except for himself, he then comes to the realization that what he wants has been right in front of him all along — and that’s Schulman. And even when Schulman goes on a date with Luke Stone, Stone becomes suspicious by the way she talks about her “friendship” with Horstmann.

Finally, Horstmann approaches Schulman about what he wants to do. “I thought I really did just want to be friends with you,” Entertainment Weekly reminds us Horstmann told Schulman. “Yet here I am saying that I can’t stop thinking about you.” While Schulman seemed uncertain at first, she did end up giving Horstmann her rose — and she made it clear it wasn’t a friendship rose this time.

Does their relationship last?

Blake Horstmann and Kristina Schulman
Blake Horstmann and Kristina Schulman | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Horstmann recently showed how serious he is about Schulman when he rejected a date from Bri Barnes, but can their relationship last? According to Heavy, Reality Steve says Schulman and Horstmann have an on-screen breakup. The publication claims that after Horstmann plans a private date for him and Schulman, Schulman admits she’s just not into it, as she still has walls built up from his previous actions. This is allegedly the final straw for Horstmann, as he then packs his bags and leaves. Schulman allegedly leaves shortly after.

There doesn’t appear to be a rekindling of romance between these two post-show, either. And now Schulman is involved with even more drama after her ex, Nick Viall, accused her of sliding into his brother’s DMs. But Schulman reminded Viall that he doesn’t know her well enough to make any assumptions — and perhaps that’s something fans should take away as well.

No matter what happens with Schulman and Horstmann, we’re sure they’ll remain friends even if the romantic interest is no longer there. Hopefully, they can each find their special someone off the air.

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