‘Bachelor in Paradise’: What the Engaged Couples Are Doing Now

This dating reality show is probably one of the many shows people won’t admit they watch. But some still do because it’s funny, full of drama, and proposals. It gives all the people rejected from previous episodes of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor a second shot at love. Season 3’s finale of Bachelor in Paradise ended with a bang! Not one, but three couples got engaged which is a record for the show. So what are the couples up to now? Luckily for you, we dove in to find out.

1. Evan and Carly

Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise | NBC

If you watched The Bachelorette last season with JoJo Fletcher, then you might have thought Evan Bass would be the least likely person to leave Bachelor in Paradise engaged. But Carly Waddell ended up falling in love with him. After a sweaty ritual date, a disgusting hot pepper kiss, and a hospital visit, the two fell for each other and he proposed.

They have been making wedding plans:

We’re going to guess that this is a joke, but it could be possible that the future bachelor will have a big part in the couple’s future wedding. In Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise they also had Jade Tolbert come on Skype to wish the couple well. There Carly asked her to be in her wedding since she was in Jade’s.

Carly has been getting to know his kids:

Luckily both Carly and Evan live in Nashville so that allows the couple to get to know each other even more. They also told PEOPLE Magazine that they have been spending time with his three sons, and enjoying their time being off television.

They’ve been posting crazy edited pictures of themselves:

Evan shaved off his goatee for charity:

Will someone actually buy the shavings? Who knows! But a lot of fans weren’t happy with his facial hair so Carly finally got rid of it on After Paradise.

2. Grant and Lace

Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise | NBC

This couple had a pretty rocky road on the show. They were obviously physically attracted to each other, but Lace Morris tended to push Grant Kemp away. Grant however, was always there to talk, and eventually was the first one to say, “I love you.” So it was pretty surprising to see them get matching “Grace” tattoos to show off their couple name. And finally, Grant got down on one knee.

They are living together:

The couple revealed on After Paradise that Grant has ditched his bachelor pad and had Lace move in with him in San Francisco. So they are definitely moving their relationship forward.

Lace showed off her ring before the finale:

She gets her awesome from her #auntielace 💁🏻❤️

A photo posted by Lace Morris (@lacemorris3) on Aug 26, 2016 at 6:31am PDT

The reality stars need to be very sneaky when it comes to what they post on social media to avoid spoilers. But Lace posted this cute picture of her niece a week before the finale and you can clearly see the ring on her finger. Maybe she was too excited to wait!

3. Josh and Amanda

Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise | NBC

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton might have gotten together in the middle of the show, but they have been pretty solid since then. Nick Viall and many others voiced their doubts after Andi Dorfman wrote about Josh in It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak into Happily Ever After. She claimed that he was emotionally and verbally abusive to her, but Josh claims this isn’t true. The couple was able to overcome that though and Josh proposed.

They have been on and off since the show:

It looks like they’ve had some trouble since paradise. “Josh and Amanda are still engaged, but it’s been a tough road,” a source told ET. “They have broken up a couple times since getting home and have had a rough start to their relationship.”

They have moved in together:

Despite all of that, the couple has worked to become closer in order to fix their problems. “Part of it in the beginning was the distance, and the other part was added pressures like dating in the ‘real world,'” the same source told ET. Josh moved to Atlanta from Irvine, California.

They have been posing for the cutest family photos:

All season we have been hearing Amanda talk about her daughters and the need to find someone who will fit into her family. It looks like Josh has gotten along with them just fine.

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