‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Fans Noticed Clay Harbor Complimented Tayshia Adams on Instagram

[Spoilers ahead for Bachelor in Paradise!]

This season of Bachelor in Paradise is proving to be just as dramatic as viewers hoped. While some couples, like Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour, have been solid since early on, others are showing some cracks as Paradise quickly approaches the end. And now, viewers can’t wait to see what goes on with Clay Harbour and Nicole Lopez-Alvar.

Harbor and Lopez-Alvar have been solid since the beginning as well — though certain outlets are now reporting there’s some trouble ahead in their relationship. Not only that, but Harbor just complimented Tayshia Adams on Instagram, and fans took note. So, what’s going on with the BiP stars? Here’s what we know.

Tayshia Adams broke up with John Paul Jones in Paradise

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Tayshia Adams was sought after from the very beginning of Paradise by Blake Horstmann. But after that ended, she quickly developed an unlikely relationship with John Paul Jones. Jones made his affection for Adams clear since the two started dating, though she was never quite ready to commit to him fully. After going on dates with Derek Peth and seeing Peth leave Paradise, it seemed like Adams was ready to give Jones one more try — and he appeared to make her very happy.

Unfortunately, Adams still couldn’t quite get where she needed to be with Jones while on the beaches of Mexico. And for that reason, she broke things off. As she told Entertainment Tonight, “Honestly, I felt like I’d made a really big mistake letting someone go that genuinely cared about me, but also I knew that my heart wasn’t there, so I didn’t wanna lead him on or anything.”

As for Jones, he had an incredibly hard time with the breakup. “I was very skeptical of going to Paradise to begin with, and I just didn’t have a great experience romantically on The Bachelorette, so it really just kinda questioned the authenticity of everything,” he told ET.

Trouble lies ahead for Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar

Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar have gone through plenty of ups and downs while in Paradise, but they managed to make it through it all. Unfortunately, it appears they may not be on the same page as much as they thought they were. Reality TV World reports after Lopez-Alvar opens up to Harbor about their potential future together, Harbor notes how much he cares for her, but he then essentially tells her he’s not in love with her. “I do think I’m starting to fall in love with you. I am. I just can’t say right now that I’m in love,” he says.

So, does Harbor ever come around to Lopez-Alvar, fall in love, and propose to her on the beaches of Paradise? Reality TV World notes Reality Steve says Lopez-Alvar is the one to break up with Harbor after getting frustrated with his lack of commitment. It’s also currently reported that they’re still not dating post-reunion.

Harbor just complimented Adams on Instagram

Tayshia Adams and Chris Harrison
Tayshia Adams and Chris Harrison | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Perhaps love isn’t in the cards for Harbor and Lopez-Alvar, but what about Adams? Adams just posted this selfie to Instagram, and Harbor commented, “Brow game strong.” Fans quickly took notice too, and one wrote, “that comment usually would come from a female. Does someone want miss tayshia for dessert.” Another added, “my man noticing the small things. This is how I won my lady!”

Adams took notice, too, as she wrote back, “@clayharbs82 haha you just got 10pts for Brow Appreciation!!!”

So, is there something flirty going on between Adams and Harbor? We can’t be sure, but it’s doubtful. While Adams broke Jones’ heart in Paradise, it looks like she may be regretting her decision. According to Good Morning America, Adams talks about rekindling her romance with Jones on the show. As she said, “I talked to my mom about it and I decided I wanted to go after him. I’m a bold girl.” Not only that, but Bustle reports there have been plenty of interactions between Adams and Jones on social media, too.

Sorry fans who shipped Harbor and Adams — it looks like she and Jones might really be making things work between them after all.

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