‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Fans Think Connor Saeli Just Threw Major Shade at Caelynn Miller-Keyes With This Instagram Post

This season of Bachelor in Paradise might be the most dramatic yet — and it seems contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes is garnering more attention than ever before. While she originally came to the beach with a chip on her shoulder from her off-air relationship with Blake Horstmann, she found hope again with Dean Unglert. Unfortunately, disaster struck with Miller-Keyes once again after Unglert confessed that he didn’t think he was ready for commitment.

Miller-Keyes managed to bounce back yet again with Connor Saeli — but it seems fans think they don’t end up together in the end due to what Saeli posted to Instagram. Here’s what he posted and what fans are saying.

[Spoilers ahead for future Bachelor in Paradise episodes]

Caelynn Miller-Keyes went for Connor Saeli after Dean Unglert broke her heart

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I’m baaaaaaaaaack @bachelorinparadise

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We remember Caelynn Miller-Keyes’ drama with Hannah Brown on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, but she’s getting more attention than ever in Paradise. When Dean Unglert arrived on the beach, Miller-Keyes was immediately drawn to him — and they had a connection that seemed genuine and long-lasting. Unfortunately, Miller-Keyes was warned about Unglert being a total heartbreaker and impossible to wrangle. And he ultimately decided to leave the beach on her birthday to avoid breaking her heart later when their lives inevitably wouldn’t mesh post-Paradise.

Miller-Keyes was very upset by the news, of course — but once Unglert left and Connor Saeli arrived on the scene, she was able to pull herself together. After a successful date that involved a lot of kissing, Miller-Keyes noted that this was exactly what she needed to let go of her lingering feelings for Unglert. And fans on social media even thought the two are destined to be together forever. “Connor and Caelynn are getting married. Calling it right now,” a Twitter user expressed.

Fans think Saeli threw shade at Miller-Keyes in this Instagram post

So far, Miller-Keyes and Saeli seem to have a strong connection — but it seems it might sour once we get further along in Paradise. According to Heavy, Reality Steve reports Unglert regrets his decision and actually comes back to the show to win Miller-Keyes back — and it works. She and Unglert then allegedly leave the show, and Saeli is left heartbroken on the beach.

We have yet to see if this is really how it all unfolds, but it seems it might be the case. Saeli posted two photos of himself in Paradise on Instagram — and while Miller-Keyes is clearly next to him in both, he cropped her out of them. Fans noticed this, too, as one commented, “guess you two didn’t work out if you’re cropping her out.” And another added, “Love that you cut out caelynn.” Yet another wrote, “That’s some real shade right there.”

Is Miller-Keyes with Unglert now?

Not only did Reality Steve claim Unglert came back for Miller-Keyes, but it seems the two are still together post-Paradise. Refinery29 reported that a source told E! News that the two are even traveling together now. “Caelynn traveled to Spain to meet Dean and they were together for four days,” the source said. “They are now in Venice, Italy and plan to travel around Italy together before coming back to LA.”

Not only that, but it seems Miller-Keyes and Unglert also posted identical photos from Spain, though Miller-Keyes promptly deleted hers when fans noticed. And they’ve also since been spotted together in California.

We’ll have to wait until the end of Paradise to get any updates on how Unglert and Miller-Keyes are now — and we’re pretty sure they’re definitely not engaged. But it seems like they have a really great relationship with each other after the show so far!

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