‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Fans Think Dean Unglert Took Caelynn Miller-Keyes Latest Instagram Photos

Fans watching this season of Bachelor in Paradise have seen love, heartbreak, and utter catastrophe occur from the very beginning. And the one couple who’s caused more talk from viewers recently is Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes. While Miller-Keyes entered Paradise focused on her previous drama with Blake Horstmann, everything changed when Unglert arrived. The two were completely drawn to each other since first meeting, but it wasn’t long before Unglert avoided the relationship completely.

So, where do Miller-Keyes and Unglert stand now? There are plenty of theories as to if they’re together currently — and it seems fans are convinced Unglert took Miller-Keyes’ latest Instagram photos, too. Here’s what people are saying.

Dean Unglert just returned to Paradise to win back Caelynn Miller-Keyes

It felt like love at first sight when Caelynn Miller-Keyes locked eyes on Dean Unglert in Paradise. But it wasn’t long before Unglert’s heartbreaker tendencies took hold and hurt Miller-Keyes. Miller-Keyes was warned by fellow castmates of Unglert’s charm — and she was also given fair warning that he may be split at the last minute despite her willingness to give their relationship a fighting chance. Sadly, on Miller-Keyes’ birthday, Unglert delivered the blow. He told her they’d never work in the real world, and he promptly left Paradise with Miller-Keyes devastated.

That’s not the end of the road for these two, however. While Miller-Keyes was working on moving on with Connor Saeli, Unglert recently returned — and he now wants her to leave Paradise to be with him. “I knew that I needed to come here and tell you that I wanted us to try and be in a relationship,” People reports Unglert told her. “I came here to ask you if you would leave Paradise with me today.”

Fans think Miller-Keyes traveled with Unglert after the show

We still have to wait and see what happens with Miller-Keyes and Unglert on the show, but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that the two are together now. According to PopSugar, fans noticed that they both added photos of Spain to their Instagrams on the same day back in July, indicating that they were traveling together. And E! News notes a source also confirmed to them that Miller-Keyes and Unglert were really trying to make a relationship work.

“Caelynn traveled to Spain to meet Dean and they were together for four days. They are now in Venice, Italy and plan to travel around Italy together before coming back to LA,” the source told E! News after initially saying the two are definitely dating. Not only that, but Unglert also just added this photo to his Instagram of himself with “Caelynn” written over tape across his shirt, which is a huge giveaway that these two are happy together now. “Missing baggage: if found please return to @caelynnmillerkeyes,” Unglert captioned the photo.

Fans also think Unglert took her latest Instagram photos

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Paradise part two

A post shared by Caelynn Miller-Keyes (@caelynnmillerkeyes) on

Miller-Keyes just added a few new photos of herself to her Instagram — and it’s clear to fans that they’re not from Paradise. Miller-Keyes is pictured on a beach with palm trees, and she captioned the post, “Paradise part two.” And it seems her followers think Unglert is the one who definitely took the photos for her.

“Dean is a great photographer,” one follower wrote. Another commented, “Well all know Dean took these stop playin [sic].” Yet another wrote, “Clearly there with dean [sic].”

Given Unglert’s recent post of Miller-Keyes, it seems these two aren’t trying to hide that they appear to be seeing each other now, too. And given the fan reactions, it seems everyone’s super supportive of Miller-Keyes and Unglert being together anyway. We’re excited to see how their relationship progresses — and if there are any more Instagram posts giving fans a heads-up regarding where they stand.

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