‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Fans Think Kristina Schulman’s Recent Advertisement on Instagram Is ‘Cringeworthy’

This season of Bachelor in Paradise is over, but the drama remains. From the very beginning, it was Blake Horstmann who seemed to be the center of controversy, as he spent plenty of time at Stagecoach Festival with a few other Paradise contestants. And one of them was Kristina Schulman.

Bachelor Nation fans likely remember Schulman from Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. And after that, she made a name for herself in a past season of Paradise when she was involved in a love triangle surrounding Dean Unglert. Unfortunately, while Schulman once had many fans, it seems some Bachelor viewers are turning on her. And they seem to think her recent Instagram advertisement isn’t doing her any favors.

Kristina Schulman had a polarizing personality on this season of Bachelor in Paradise

Kristina Schulman
Kristina Schulman | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

When Schulman appeared on Viall’s Bachelor season, she had fans everywhere crying when she was sent home before hometown visits. And many even called for her to become the next Bachelorette. As we know, she chose to head to Paradise twice. And it seems this most recent season of the show had many seeing her in a new light.

Blake Horstmann was at the center of controversy when this season of Paradise began. Not only did he have relations with Schulman at Stagecoach Festival, but he was also deeply involved with Caelynn Miller-Keyes — and he visited Hannah Godwin in her home state before the show, too. His indecisive nature led Schulman to pull him aside right as she stepped foot on the beach. And while she was initially upset with Horstmann, she later showed ill feelings to other women in Paradise and exchanged “friendship roses” with Horstmann as a way for both of them to stick around.

In the end, Horstmann ended up developing feelings for Schulman. And while she was open to the idea at first, she later decided against it and chose to leave Paradise altogether.

Many fans of the show turned on her from what they saw

Schulman didn’t make many friends on the beaches of Paradise, and her friendship roses and adversarial nature with some of the other contestants rubbed fans the wrong way. While Schulman was once a fan favorite, fans seemed to grow tired of her sticking around and waiting for love when it seemingly never occurred. And they also thought she was rude to Miller-Keyes and other women close to Horstmann for no apparent reason.

“I loved you since day 1, but after watching you this season that’s changing real quick. You’re being terrible on this show. How would you like it if this was being done to you? Move on & let Blake be. (With Caitlin & not you),” one fan commented on this Instagram post.

It appears Schulman even received hate mail as well. “After last night’s episode of ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ I was in shock about how much hate mail I got. But that’s not what struck me the most—what did is how many Blake haters are out there (who don’t even know him personally!),” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “Thank you to those who CHOOSE to spread love and not hate.”

Her recent Instagram ad has some calling it ‘cringeworthy’

It’s not just Schulman’s time in Paradise that fans are talking about now, either. She recently posted an advertisement to her Instagram promoting Tinto Amorio wine cocktails. “Summer to me is that feeling of being alive no matter what season it is,” Schulman’s voice says over video of her riding a bicycle. She’s then seen spreading a blanket out on the beach and drinking the beverage she’s promoting.

Fans find the ad very strange, and they took to the comments to express their feelings. “Am I the only one that finds this cringeworthy?” one follower questioned. Another asked, “My god….. you are a loser,” another wrote. And another commented, “Is this an AD? Or a sponsored post? If so, shouldn’t it be disclosed?”

Even if some followers have turned on Schulman, she still has plenty of fans and love from Bachelor Nation. Will we see her again in Paradise? We’ll have to wait and find out.

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