‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Fans Stick Up For Hannah G. “Stop Villainizing Her”

With all the drama on this season of Bachelor In Paradise, it’s hard to believe that the show has only been airing for two weeks. We suppose we should have believed Chris Harrison when he said it was “the most dramatic season yet.” At the epicenter of a lot of the drama is fan-favorite, Hannah Godwin. The first one to arrive on the beach this Summer, Goodwin quickly found herself in the middle of a love triangle.

Hannah Godwin on Bachelor In Paradise
Hannah Godwin and Chris Harrison | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Dylan Barbour vs Blake Horstmann

Following this week’s episodes, some fans have been outraged with Godwin over her decision to entertainment the advances of playboy Blake Hortsmann. This was especially true after it came out that Hostmann had relations with both Caelynn-Miller Keyes and Kristina Schulman within 24 hours of one another. People wondered why Godwin was allowing him to pursue her, especially when resident, nice-guy Dylan Barbour had spent all of his time on Bachelor In Paradise vying for Godwin’s affection.

Bachelor Nation is not happy with Godwin

Recently, Godwin took to her Instagram page to post a picture of herself. The 24-year-old is dressed in a floral bikini and is cheesing at the camera. “If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours,” the Bachelor In Paradise cast member wrote. Unfortunately, hundreds of fans immediately began to express their disdain for her behavior on the show. “I’m not smiling after the sh*t you pulled this week Hannah G.,” one user wrote.

Fans rush to her defense

Though there’s a lot of hate on her post, there are plenty of fans who are rushing in to defend Godwin and her actions on the show. Many cited that she was the only woman who was getting slammed for dating around. “Nicole goes on 3 one on one dates and no one bats an eye, but Hannah has serious feelings for two people and everyone loses it. Stop villainizing her for doing exactly what Bachelor In Paradise is for!!,” one fan wrote.

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“I totally agree. Dylan is a TOTAL sweetheart! But the truth is that no girl owes herself to a guy just because he is nice to her!! Cancel culture is so toxic, I don’t think she deserves the hate she is getting,” another fan wrote in agreement. “Right!?! That’s what I’m saying!!! I was yelling at the tv last night when all that went down. Truth is people are just hating on Hannah.#stillmyfav,” one of Godwin’s biggest fans wrote. “It’s like people don’t know how these shows work. It’s literally about exploring relationships until you find the right one…,” one long-time viewer chimed in.

This is exactly what Bachelor In Paradise is for

“I don’t get why everyone is mad. Nicole goes out on 3 dates, has a whole drama of a fight and nobody confronts her? Caelynn goes and kisses 3 guys, doesn’t get this kind of heat. She has known Dylan a week and shes supposed to say I love you? I know it’s just a show but why put this girl down for doing exactly what everyone else is doing? We only see what the editors want us to see…but some of these comments are absolutely horrible. She is a human being and Dylan is a grown-up…he knows what he signed up for,” one outspoken fan of Bachelor In Paradise wisely wrote.

We have to agree with the fans who are sticking up for Godwin. The show is all about exploring all of your options, even the not-so-great ones. Ultimately, the only two people this is truly affecting are Godwin and Barbour. If he’s not raking his fellow Bachelor In Paradise cast member over the coals, we’re not sure why anyone else feels the need or right to.