‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Has This Unlucky ‘BIP’ Alum Finally Found Love?

Not everyone has a good time on Bachelor in Paradise. There are several ways that a person can crash and burn in Paradise, but there are two that have become the most popular.

The top two ways to ruin your time in Paradise are to either try to date too many people at one time and end up looking like a player (Blake Horstmann) or fall hard for someone who doesn’t want you and spend most of your time on the beach crying.

When you go on a reality dating show, there is always a chance that you will get your heart broken on national television. Annaliese Puccini certainly can attest to that. She’s been dumped on a Bachelor show three times! The first being when Ari Luyendyk Jr. sent her packing on his season of The Bachelor. Then she went on Paradise, and after kind of stumbling her way through the season, she seemed to find love with Kamil Nicalek, only for him to not actually be interested in her outside of the show.

But it seems that Puccini may have finally found love and it happened outside of Bachelor land.

Puccini on ‘BIP’

This season, Puccini had a very short run on BIP. She spent most of that time confronting Clay Harbor, who had recently broken up with Puccini’s friend Angela Amezcua. Apparently, Puccini felt like it was too soon for Harbor to be on the show after his breakup.

“Clay and Angela broke up,” Puccini told the camera. “He’s been stringing her along, giving her hope … he is really struggling with the breakup.”

When she eventually spoke to Harbor, she said that he was crushing Amezcua by being in Paradise and that he shouldn’t have still been texting his ex-girlfriend if he was going to come on the show. Puccini also accused Harbor of only coming to Paradise because he didn’t get picked up by a professional football team.

“It was like having conversations with 10 boyfriends I’ve [had],” she said after her conversation with Harbor. “You could see fumes coming out [of him], like, ‘People know I’m not perfect anymore.'”

Is Puccini dating?

Besides her time spent talking to and about Harbor, Puccini did try to date on the beach. Unfortunately, Chris Bukowski wasn’t as into her as she was to him and she was sent packing when he didn’t give her a rose.

But all is not lost for the reality tv contestant. It seems like she may have found love in the real world.

She recently went on Dean Unglert and Vanessa Grimaldi’s podcast, “Help, I suck at Dating,” and dished about her love life.

“I’m gonna share, like, the bare minimum because I’m not ready to dive in completely with details, but I met somebody and he’s great,” she said.” It’s the first time, maybe ever, that I’m like, ‘Wow, I’m worthy of this kind of relationship.’ I don’t know if maybe if I thought in the past that I deserved somebody this great and he’s really amazing.”

Hopefully, this relationship turns out better than any of her Bachelor franchise flings.