‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Is This Cast Member Bisexual?

Hannah Brown is pretty close to finding her husband, or at least the guy she will date for the next few months. Which means one thing. Bachelor in Paradise is upon us.

The first round of cast members was just announced this week and fans are already speculating about who will get together. One pair that people are really hoping will get close is John Paul Jones and Demi Burnett.

We first saw Jones on Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. He was never one of Brown’s top choices so we didn’t get to see that much of him or learn a lot about him. We just saw enough to pique our interest and make us want more.

Burnett, on the other hand, certainly made her mark on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. She was feisty and spoke her mind and was unapologetically herself.

For some reason, the internet is convinced that these two will make a good match. There are several other matchups that could be interesting as well, such as Underwood’s runner-up Tayshia Adams and the runner-up from Becca Kufrin’s season, Blake Horstmann.

But, what if there are actually more potential couples than anyone thinks? What if one of the contestants liked both men and women?

Which contestant is bisexual?

If you ever want to know anything about anyone in the Bachelor franchise, just ask Reality Steve. He recently revealed that a cast member on Bachelor in Paradise would come out as bisexual on the show.

And that cast member is none other than Burnett.

According to Steve, he found out that Burnett had had a girlfriend a few months ago.

“As prepping for Paradise was going on during the last month, word got around and I heard that Demi had a girlfriend and that she was planning on bringing her on the show.”

“Demi’s girlfriend showed up on the beach late last week, Demi told everyone this is the woman she’s been dating, they were given a date card that night, and got to stay on the show. Demi’s girlfriend is Kristian Haggerty.”

Burnett on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Apparently Haggerty also stays on the show.

“Demi and Kristian have been seeing each other since around February, and all this of Kristian coming on the show was pre-planned,” Steve said.

“Demi talked about it with producers, she knew Kristian was gonna be brought in after filming had started, and she wanted to use the show as an outlet to come out as bisexual. They’re not having Kristian battle over other men for Demi or anything like that. They are there and they are a couple and, seemingly, I guess just seeing where it goes. But the fact they didn’t leave together right away makes me think these two will stay ’til the very end.”

So, everyone who hoped that Burnett and Jones would get together will be sorely disappointed. But, on the other hand, this opens up a whole new door for Bachelor in Paradise. The show has never really dealt with bisexuality before, so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.