‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Fans Think John Paul Jones & Tayshia Adams Are Engaged Because of This Pic

The Bachelor In Paradise finale airs tonight and fans can hardly wait to see how everything unfolds. In the surprising twist of fate, the couple that majority of fans are most invested in is none other than John Paul Jones and Tayshia Adams. After starting drama with Derek Peth, who was also pursuing Adams, JPJ emerged victorious. But, Adams called it quits during last weeks episode after JPJ confessed his undying love for her. Citing that she wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to get there with him, the pair left the beach broken-hearted.

Bachelor In Paradise Tayshia Adams & John Paul Jones
Chris Harrison & John Paul Jones | John Fleenor via Getty Images

A quick romance recap

Adams’ relationship with John Paul Jones was perhaps one of the most surprising things to come out of Bachelor In Paradise this Summer. After getting dragged into the never-ending drama with Blake Horstmann, Adams felt that many of the men were hesitant to pursue her. But, one man who wasn’t was JPJ. He spent hours practicing reciting a poem for her and then proceeded to woo her on the night of a rose ceremony.

The wild card couple of the cast

After establishing a connection with John Paul Jones, Adams joked about being a cougar as she is five years his senior. Though she was joking, maturity seemed to be one of the reasons that Adams eventually broke it off with JPJ. In her breakup speech, she implied that he didn’t even know what he was looking for in a partner because of his lack of experience. JPJ countered that she was exactly what he was looking for in a woman, but that didn’t seem to be enough and the couple called it quits.

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Yaaaaaaaas Queen

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Fans are hopeful for reconciliation

But despite their breakup, Bachelor In Paradise fans are still hoping that the pair will get back together. Fans have been leaving comments under both Adams and John Paul Jones’ Instagram pictures, showing support of their relationship despite their breakup. “Hoping you are with JPJ. He really is quite unique smart handsome and ahhh so romantic,” one fan wrote. “I have never been more invested in a bachelor couple as I have been you and JPJ. And I’ve been watching the show(s) for a long time now. PLEASE GET BACK TOGETHER. YOU HAVE TO,” one superfan pleaded.

Fans think John Paul Jones & Tayshia Adams are engaged

Some hawkeye Bachelor In Paradise fans are under the impression that JPJ and Adams have already reconciled and are, in fact, engaged. Recently, Adams took to her Instagram page to post a selfie. “Okay but…what’s for dessert,” Adams captioned the picture. Many people quickly commented “John Paul Jones”, but some fans were focused on something else entirely. They noticed that Adams left hand was conveniently cropped in the picture. Now, it might have just been the angle of the photo, but fans were inclined to believe otherwise.

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Okay but…what’s for dessert!?

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“Hmmmm that left hand is partly cropped out,” one fan commented. “My very first thought! I really hope her and JPJ are together,” another fan cosigned. “Is she cropping out her engagement ring,” one fan questioned. “We wanna see the ring,” another IG user wrote. “Girl same lmao you know she cropped it out,” another fan wrote back in response.

Bachelor in Paradise finale

Of course, this is all just hopeful fan speculation. Only time will tell if Adams and John Paul Jones eventually got back together, let alone secretly got engaged. While it’s not unheard of for couples to get back together after breaking up on Bachelor In Paradise (i.e. Kendall and Joe and Kevin and Astrid) or get engaged at the reunion special (i.e. Taylor and Derek) there hasn’t yet been a couple who have done both. But, there’s a first time for everything, so we’ll just have to tune in tonight to see what happens. As for who your next bachelor is, well we have the answer to that. Spoiler alert: it’s this guy.