‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Why Some Fans Think Jones Paul Jones Shouldn’t Have Apologized

John Paul Jones has definitely managed to cause a ruckus in the recent episodes of Bachelor In Paradise. From his strange infatuation with Tayshia Adams, to his unfounded disdain for Derek Peth, to getting called out for his treatment of Haley Ferguson, it’s been a rocky couple of weeks for him in paradise. Fans were appalled at JPJ’s behavior when he managed to start a fight with Peth during Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson’s wedding. Now John Paul Jones has apologized for his behavior at said wedding.

John Paul Jones of Bachelor In Paradise
John Paul Jones | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

An Instagram apology

Taking to his Instagram page, the Bachelor in Paradise star penned a public note of apology. “After watching this past Tuesday’s of BIP and having had time to step away from it all and introspect on my actions, I do deeply regret that my behavior was disruptive and upsetting to the celebration of Chris and Krystal’s wedding reception. Despite the fatigue and anxiety, I felt at the time, I should have used good judgment in my decisions and acted in a more mature and selfless way. I extend my sincere apologies to Chris and Krystal and to their families and friends for my actions. With regret and sincere apologies, JPJ,” John Paul Jones wrote.

Fans react to the apology

Fans had very mixed reactions about the apology. Some felt that if John Paul Jones was truly sincere, he would have reached out to Nielson and Randone privately instead of trying to save face by posting it on the Internet. Other Bachelor In Paradise fans felt that JPJ showed maturity by addressing his behavior in such a public way. Some Instagram users were disappointed that JPJ didn’t apologize to Peth, who they felt was most deserving of the apology. But, a small subset of fans held on to the unpopular belief that John Paul Jones had no reason to apologize at all.

Fans defend JPJ

Many fans of Bachelor In Paradise felt that Randone and Neilson knew the drama they were getting into when they chose to publicize their wedding. “JPJ you were just fighting for your woman king. Don’t apologize because the truth is Chris and Krystal were the thirsty ones to have their wedding on national TV when nobody wanted to see it anyways,’ one fan wrote. 

“YEO BIG FACTS…. they honestly probably expected to see drama in their wedding. It’s fuc*in bachelor in paradise, it would be weird if they invited them not expecting drama,” another person wrote, cosigning the first fan. “Exactly they signed up for a tv wedding that can’t act surprised when producers create drama. They got a free wedding and they probably knew something like this was going to happen,” a third Instagram user chimed in.

IG users gush over John Paul Jones’ looks

Other fans weren’t concerned with the wedding at all. They were more focused on John Paul Jones’ overall looks, which in their mind made him incapable of wrongdoing. “Jpj you could hit me with a bus and I’d say thank you, you can do no wrong,” one fan wrote.  

“We honestly dgaf we love u ur hot when ur mad,” another fan wrote. Personally, we’re not sure what physical attraction has to do with taking accountability for one’s actions, but nevertheless, it looks like John Paul Jones hasn’t managed to offend everyone in Bachelor Nation.