‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Jordan Kimball Said Tossing Christian Estrada Was Self Defense

Jordan Kimball and Christian Estrada had an unexpected fight on Bachelor in Paradise. They didn’t get to stay around long afterward to explain what happened.

Jordan is now talking about his experience before getting kicked off the show. Find out what he had to say and more.

Jordan Kimball and Christian Estrada fought on Bachelor in Paradise

Things took an odd turn with Clay Harbor and Christian’s feud when Jordan decided to get involved. He didn’t like that Nicole Lopez-Alvar turned Clay away to spend more time with Christian so he was going to do something about it.

“I apologize. You got turned away by Christian but I have to go fix this for us now,” Jordan said before going over to Christian and Nicole. He is also heard saying “that pinata’s getting wrecked.”

When Jordan made it over he started taking down their pinata and said, “Christian, I’m really sorry. Clay’s a good friend of mine.” Christian got up to stop him. That’s when things got physically aggressive between them and Jordan threw Christian to the ground.

They were removed from paradise

Jordan and Christian were separated by security. They were then told they had to leave paradise.

Nicole stayed behind and continued her relationship with Clay. She tweeted, “When people actually think I would’ve chosen someone other than Clay if the fight didn’t happen” with a video of Kris Jenner saying “this is exactly what I was afraid of” after the scenes aired.

She tweeted again, “Me reading how people think I enjoyed watching two grown men become physically violent (due to their egos and toxic masculinity) with absolutely no regard to me or my feelings” with a video of Kris Jenner saying, “I just want to cry right now.”

He said that he tossed Christian as self defense

Jordan Kimball
Jordan Kimball | Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Jordan didn’t get to say much about the fight on the show. Now he has talked about it on the podcast, The Betchelor.

“Things happened between Christian and I much quicker than I thought they were going to,” Jordan said. “I had no intentions of making a physical altercation, I stated that with [host] Chris Harrison right after the fight.”

He also explained why he went over to destroy the pinata. “I went over there because Clay and I are actually friends,” he said. “I didn’t go over there and grab Christian. I didn’t go over there and call him any names or anything. He went a couple of times and tried to strike me.”

He added, “So I tossed him. That was the number one self defense move of all time. He went down pretty hard and fast. I feel really bad, but I was defending myself. I didn’t pop him in the mouth, I didn’t go after him, it was over. I did what I did to protect myself.”

In the end, the former reality show contestant said, “I tried to act as maturely as possible. But I know there’s a percentage of people who don’t agree with what I did — you’re there for love, and I get that.”

Christian hasn’t talked about the situation publicly. He did previously posted a video of his entrance to paradise on Instagram with the caption, “When people hate on you is because you’ve got something they want….. MY CONFIDENCE Paradise here I come.”