‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Does This Instagram Post Show That Katie Morton Is Thinking of Ending Her Relationship With Chris Bukowski?

Relationships are a constant cycle of ups and downs, especially those on Bachelor in Paradise. But when you build a relationship in less than 20 days of filming, what more could you expect?

One couple who seems to be going through a rocky patch in their relationship is Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski.

Morton and Bukowski ended Paradise engaged, but at the reunion, Morton showed up sans Neil Lane diamond. So, what’s going on with the two? Is a breakup on the horizon?

Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski are still engaged

Though Morton wasn’t wearing her engagement ring at the BIP reunion, she confirmed that she and Bukowski are still engaged.

“I was just so head over heels,” Morton said of how she felt leaving Paradise. “But now, things have gotten more complicated.”

“Communication’s been hard,” she said. “I’m exhausted.”

“We’re still engaged,” she confirmed. “I just put in so much effort every day and I love him so much, but I put in so much that my tank empties. And if I’m not getting it filled, I break down.”

When host Chris Harrison asked her if she felt like Bukowski would be her husband and the father of her children, Morton was unsure.

“I fell in love with potential that may never come to fruition, but I’m just praying it does,” she said.

Though he is not great at showing it, Bukowski assured Morton that he does love her.

“I honestly feel the best when I’m with you,” he said. “My family loves you, my friends love you, and… I love you, I do.”

Eventually, Morton put her ring back on and things seemingly ended on a high note.

Is Morton still thinking of breaking up with Bukowski?

Though things seemed to be okay between Bukowski and Morton at the end of the reunion, one of Morton’s recent Instagram posts tells a different story.

“As you’ve seen…It’s been the furthest from easy,” she captioned a photo of her hands without her engagement ring. “From the decision to take the leap onto the beach, navigating what was real and staying true to myself, and my world that spun out afterward.”

She went on to say that she had to learn a lot of things since Paradise.

“But most of all, I’ve learned that happiness isn’t something to look for in your partner. Your partner can make you laugh but your partner is not responsible for your happiness. Happiness is found within and sharing that with each other is what lights up a room! Communication is the link to everything, which is something we sure did LACK in Paradise and shortly after. It took us a few months to really get our bearings (especially with some exceptional and unexpected challenges).”

“I know none of you will truly understand why things are the way they are but I ask that you trust me and support me as I navigate this new world of mine. Because I’m happy with me and we are finally happy with us. We have grown so much in our friendship and now in our relationship since that day.”

But Morton doesn’t seem so sure that the relationship will last.

“Like I said to both of our parents and I will say to you- I can’t promise you this relationship will be perfect (it won’t be/ it isn’t) and I can’t promise we will last forever. Honestly, some relationships don’t last after 20 years and some do, that’s life. But what I can promise you is that I take this seriously, won’t lose myself, I will always try my best, I will always keep it real, and we will have each other’s backs.”

Hopefully, the two can figure out a way to get back on track.