‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Fans Notice Katie Morton Isn’t Wearing Her Ring

Bachelor in Paradise may be closed for the season, but that hasn’t stopped fans from continuing to root for their favorite couples. Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski were an unexpected fan-favorite couple this Summer on the beach. Though the pair struggled with their ups and downs, they seemed to have a chemistry that kept bringing them together. Fans were shocked and delighted when their love story ended in an engagement. But now, fans are concerned over a recent image that Bukowski posted of he and Morton, where Morton’s engagement ring is nowhere to be found.

Chris Harrison & Katie Morton talk at the 'Bachelor in Paradise' reunion special
Chris Harrison & Katie Morton | John Fleenor via Getty Images

A relationship recap

Morton and Bukowski’s tenure on Bachelor in Paradise ended in an engagement, but things certainly haven’t been easy for them. Though they hit in off fairly early in the season, they both were guilty of unintentionally sabotaging their budding relationship. Morton encouraged Bukowski to date other people, if he had the inclination, despite wanting to be exclusive. Bukowski, on the other hand, seemed to struggle with communication and expressing his true feelings for Morton due to being burned in past relationships.

The Bachelor in Paradise finale

But, eventually, the pair found their way with one another and sealed their love with an engagement on the Bachelor in Paradise season finale. All seemed well until the reunion show when Morton took the stage unaccompanied and without her engagement ring. She alleviated some concern when she informed Chris Harrison that she was still engaged to Bukowski, but did confess that she was struggling. Citing that she felt that she was depleted after she’d invested so much into the relationship and getting the bare minimum in return, she told Bukowski that he needed to step it up if they were to remain engaged.

Katie Morton & Chris Bukowski get engaged on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Katie Morton & Chris Bukowski | John Fleenor via Getty Images

For his part, Bukowski seemed receptive and apologetic to Morton calling him out publicly and showing up without her engagement ring. He vowed that he would do better and in return, Morton put back on her ring. But as soon as the newly engaged couple left the Bachelor in Paradise stage, they got into an argument in the parking lot. Bukowski felt blindsided by Morton’s decision to remove the ring, and Morton struggled to understand why. After this altercation, many fans were unsure if the couple would remain engaged.

Fans are concerned Morton isn’t wearing her engagement ring

Following the Bachelor in Paradise reunion, the couple assured fans that they were still engaged and stronger than ever. However, a new picture on Instagram has fans concerned that their relationship is in trouble again. “Top Gun moment with my partner in crime,” Bukowski captioned a picture of himself and Morton holding hands next to a helicopter. A seemingly innocent photo quickly caused concern as Morton is not wearing her engagement ring. “Where is the ring again,” one fan questioned with a frowny face. “No ring,” another fan exclaimed.

Katie Morton & Chris Bukowski talk love on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Katie Morton & Chris Bukowski | John Fleenor via Getty Images

While many fans began to speculate about the couple’s relationship, others pointed out that there was likely a logical explanation for Morton not wearing her ring. Surprisingly, it has less to do with the status of their relationship and more to do with their Bachelor in Paradise contracts. “You can tell this is an older pic. He has a pic of himself (only) in the helicopter posted over two weeks ago on the page. She clearly was there (as this pic shows) but he couldn’t reveal that because the reunion episode hadn’t aired yet,” one fan stated.

Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski are still engaged

We’re glad that there’s a logical and non-dramatic reason for Morton not wearing her engagement ring again. If the couple’s Instagram posts are to be believed, their relationship has never been better. We wish them all the best in this next chapter of their journey.