‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Kendall Long and Grocery Store Joe are Moving in Together

Bachelor in Paradise fans will remember the up-and-down saga that was the Kendall and Grocery Store Joe love story that occurred last summer. Kendall Long and Joe Amabile hit it off early on the beach. The two began flirting right away but Kendall wanted to keep her options open. Joe, on the other hand, though not very communicative about his feelings, knew he was sure about Kendall.

Kendall and Joe | Paul Hebert/ABC via Getty Images
Kendall and Joe | Paul Hebert/ABC via Getty Images

Kendall explored her options with other men but ultimately always came back to Joe. Towards the end of the summer, she wasn’t sure if she could fully commit to him, though, so she went home. The only woman Joe had been interested in was Kendall so he went home, too.

We now know that the two met up shortly after leaving the show to work things out. Today, the couple is still together and happier than ever.

Kendall and Joe are moving in together

In a recent interview with Extra TV, Kendall said that she and Joe plan on moving in together in the next couple months, after they do some traveling.

“We are gonna be moving in together. We’re going to be doing some traveling. We’re going to Europe and he has another project he’s going to be doing but we’re going to try to fit in moving in together sometime within the next couple months. So we’re looking right now,” she said.

Joe will be making the move from Chicago to Los Angeles. Kendall says the harsh winters are partially to blame.

Kendall says Joe is “the one”

Kendall had a lot of wonderful things to say about her relationship with Joe.

“It’s so good. I mean I think the key to our relationship is that we’re just best friends and we crack up and laugh all the time. Having the same humor is very important and we just have a lot of things in common and little inside jokes and it’s just funny. I feel like we’re still in the honeymoon phase, I don’t know when this honeymoon phase is gonna end but we’re still in it,” she said.

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When the interviewer asked Kendall if Joe is the one she shyly, sweetly said ‘yes.’

“Yeah, I mean yes. In my heart. I mean the thing is I feel like we’ve been through so much that it feels like we’ve been dating for years now. He just makes me happy, he makes me smile,” she said.  

What Kendall loves most about Joe

As Bachelor in Paradise fans will tell you, it’s always been very clear that Joe adores Kendall. Today, Kendall is obviously head-over-heels for Joe, too. This is what she said when Extra TV asked her what she loves the most about Joe:

“I think the thing I love the most about Joe is that he is unforgivably himself and so honest and he’s just silly. Little tiny moments are made special and funny because when we’re together he just–I just love his mind. He has sort of like a playfulness to him that’s really refreshing and fun to be around and a curiosity. That guy reads like crazy. Whenever I see him read–that’s so sexy.”

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