‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Kristina Schulman Said She Didn’t Know Dean Unglert Was in Love with Her

Kristina Schulman and Dean Unglert had a messy relationship in Bachelor in Paradise. Dean got a lot of backlash from fans for playing with her heart, but she recently talked more about their relationship.

Find out what she said when she found out he was in love with her. Also, find out what Dean is up to these days.

Dean Unglert was in a love triangle with Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Dean was previously popular on Bachelor in Paradise. He was in the middle of Kristina and Danielle Lombard. Ultimately, he dumped Kristina for Danielle on the show but things didn’t end there.

It was revealed on the reunion that he continued to have feelings for Kristina. “Waking up this morning, knowing Kristina wasn’t here, and knowing that there’s no way I can be in touch with her, it just kills me,” Dean said on the show. “I actually am in love with this girl, and yet I lost that to pursue something else.”

Danielle decided to confront him after this confession was shown. “If you were saying that you were in love with Kristina all this time, and you love her, when we left the show, immediately, within an hour, you called me … we had a relationship that unfolded after Paradise,” she revealed.

This was news to Kristina and didn’t go over well. Dean got a lot of flack from fans for seemingly playing both of these women.

Both of them have since moved on

Dean and Kristina returned to Paradise last season. They moved on with other people.

Dean left the show in a relationship with Caelynn Miller-Keyes. He is also currently living in a van traveling around the country. Kristina was caught in more drama last season for her relationship with Blake Horstmann.

Blake hooked up with Kristina before the show, then spent the next night with Caelynn. Kristina was quick to confront him about this, but they ended up being friends later in the season. She even gave him her rose so he could continue looking for love.

Kristina was recently asked to look back at her relationship with Dean. She found out more about his feelings for her.

Kristina said she didn’t know he was in love with her

Kristina Schulman
Kristina Schulman | Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Kristina was later told about Dean’s feelings for her. She had an interesting response to it.

“Dean said he was in love with you,” Rachel Lindsay told Shulman on Bachelor Happy Hour according to Us Weekly. “We’ve never said it to each other. I didn’t know,” she said. “It was never verbalized but the feeling was mutual.”

Kristina went on to talk about their relationship after the beach reality show. “Following [that season of] Paradise, for that following year, Dean and I tried still seeing each other. That was very insightful. I learned a lot from that relationship,” she said. “I’ve learned so much from it. I’ve dated since, and I definitely feel that I’m much stronger now. I’m not willing to put up with so much bullsh*t.”

It looks like both of the former contestants have grown from the situation. Kristina still seems to be looking for love.