‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Luke S. Is ‘Disappointed’ In Chris Harrison, Calls Him Out For Misleading Editing

Bachelor Nation first met Luke Stone on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. He got into a heated altercation with controversial contestant Luke Parker on the rugby field. He accused Parker of body slamming him and then, shortly after, he removed himself from the show.

Luke S. and Hannah Brown | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images
Luke S. and Hannah Brown | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Stone appeared on Bachelor In Paradise a little late in the game but tried to hit it off with model Bri Barnes during his time there. At the last rose ceremony, he tried to give Barnes his rose and she declined, saying, essentially, that she wasn’t interested in him romantically.

After the awkward shut-down, host Chris Harrison steps in and says “Well, this has never happened before,” adding: “Is there anyone else who would like Luke’s rose tonight? Anyone?”

When no one spoke up, Stone left Paradise. He wasn’t exactly heart broken but you could tell his pride had taken a hit.

Luke S. says his exit from ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ didn’t go down the way it was portrayed on TV

Apparently, the awkward ceremony portrayed on the show wasn’t how Stone remebered the evening. He took to Twitter to claim that the ceremony had been heavily edited.

“Chris Harrison did not ‘present my rose’ to the group,” he tweeted. “In reality I got shut down hugged everyone and left – well done editing team.”

He then tweeted: “Just saw it for the first time and I won’t stand by and let that fly”

And then: “It’s called a voice over nice try guys”

A bit later, Stone tweeted one more time about the episode:

“I’ll drop this I promise – but I just want to say – I’m disappointed in you @BachParadise and @chrisbharrison,” he concluded. “That is all.”

His costar, Chase McNary, replied to Stone’s tweet to tell him to “relax on calling out the edits.”

“I understand you’re embarrassed. However, I recall there was a good bit they did cut out that you should probably be grateful for. So maybe relax on calling out the edits and it will blow over much quicker for ya…” he wrote.

A lot of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ fans are siding with Luke S.

Several Bachelor In Paradise fans responded to Stone’s posts to show their support. Many of them agreed that the editing made his exit look a lot more embarrassing than it needed to be.

“they really made it look like literally no one wanted to be with you and if that isn’t the case that’s really awkward for everyone involved. also airing that thing where that chick said you were an “ugly nick viall” seemed petty as hell,” commented one fan.

“That was so awful. And completely unnecessary,” wrote another.

“I agree Luke. Even for the bachelor producers, that shit was loowwwww,” tweeted another.

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