‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star, Kristina Schulman Addresses That Dinner She Had with Tyler Cameron

Kristina Schulman had a rocky time on the last season of Bachelor in Paradise. She has continued to stay in contact with her co-stars after the season including Dean Unglert.

Tyler Cameron has also been busy hanging out with some people from Bachelor Nation. One of them being Schulman, and they were seen having dinner. Was it a date? This is what she had to say and more.

Tyler Cameron is single again after dating Gigi Hadid

Cameron moved on by dating Gigi Hadid after the show. However, they have reportedly gone their separate ways.

Tyler is single,” a source told Us Weekly. “He and Gigi Hadid are no longer together.” He was later seen with her former stepsisters, Erin Foster and Sara Foster at an event.

The reality star has talked about spending time with Hannah Brown again before dating Hadid. He claimed he told her that he was going to play the field.

“I told her that I was still going to date people,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “When [The Bachelorette was airing], I really didn’t go out and date nobody. I didn’t put myself out there at all, out of respect for her, and out of respect for the show.”

He continued, “And so I was like, ‘I still want to go and put myself out there and see what’s right and what’s not right.’ And that’s all I really was trying to do.”

Kristina Schulman and Cameron were seen having dinner together

It’s not a secret that Cameron has talked about wanting to date after being on The Bachelorette. The fact that he was seen getting dinner with Schulman on Sept. 26 which is after dating Hadid, made fans wonder if it was a date.

Katie Morton talked about the sighting with Us Weekly. “I think they both just went to, like a branded event. Cause like Wills [Reid] was there,” she explained.

“Tyler is just in town,” she continued. “I don’t know how many people he knows in L.A., and I know Bachelor world is really small and everyone’s very welcoming, so, like, everyone’s just hanging out with each other, and getting to know each other, because we’re all going to have to be around each other. So I think it was more of that.”

She added, “I’ll clear them [rumors] up real fast! I don’t think it was a thing.” Schulman has now addressed the rumor directly.

Schulman said it wasn’t a date

Kristina Schulman
Kristina Schulman | Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Schulman talked about meeting with Cameron. She noted that there wasn’t anything romantic about their time together.

“That was not a thing!” she told Us Weekly. “I’ve had people reach out to me and ask me about what’s going on there but whenever you take a certain picture and you focus on one little thing — whether it’s two people or 10 people sitting at a table — it can get blown out of proportion.”

She continued, “You really can’t go out with another Bachelor person without people thinking you’re dating or something’s going on. It’s silly.”

Schulman said she is focused on being single after the last season of Bachelor in Paradise. She’s certainly not the only person from the franchise who talked about wanting a break from dating after the show.