‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Mike Johnson Reveals Why He Broke Up With Sydney Lotuaco

Now that Bachelor in Paradise is over and the dust has settled — sort of — the cast members are beginning to take the time to discuss their various relationships. For every romantic success and every romantic failure on the show, there’s a degree of reflection and learning involved. Mike Johnson seems to have figured out what it is exactly that prevented him and Sydney Lotuaco from being a good match. 

A diamond, but not the right one 

It’s hard to admit when something just isn’t working out, and nobody knows that better than the fans of Bachelor Nation. Luckily, Mike Johnson seems to be an emotionally available, upfront man. The Bachelor in Paradise star said that when it came to his relationship with Sydney Lotuaco, things just didn’t mesh. 

On the Bachelor Happy Hour With Rahel & Ali, Mike Johnson dished on what drove him to end the relationship. “I broke it off with Sydney. I felt a couple things,” said Johnson. “I felt like she didn’t find me sexually attractive [and] I felt like our connection was just not there whatsoever.”

It’s definitely uncomfortable when you can tell someone isn’t truly attracted to you. Johnson went on to add, “I think that we both were trying, and I think that Sydney is a diamond. When I say a diamond, I mean that. She is absolutely spectacular and very, very hard to crack — and that’s what I mean by diamond. I call her ‘ruby’ as well. But that diamond wasn’t for me. So I broke things off with her, and I went to the wedding [of Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone].”

However, according to Johnson, the split was respectful, mutual, and amicable. 

What about Demi Lovato?

Mike Johnson isn’t done dating, however. The Bachelor in Paradise star is looking for love again, but this time, it seems like he’s gunning for Demi Lovato. 

“I think she’s amazing. She’s incredibly humble. When Demi and I are together, it’s laughter and we talk about real s***. Like, she’s a down to earth woman and I respect that so much,” explained Johnson.

Johnson revealed that he has a sweet date planned out for Lovato next time they get together. He sat down with E! News to play a game of chubby bunny, and showed them a message he sent Lovato. It read, “This is what we need to do, OK? We need to go on a date, I’m gonna have some brownies, I’ll get you chocolate chip cookies or something. And we feed each other, while listening to some dope a** music.”

An insider told E! News that the two, “did go on a date and it’s been going well,” adding that they “seem to have a lot in common.”

Mike Johnson won’t be the next bachelor 

Many fans of The Bachelor were expecting Mike Johnson to be the next star of the show — and were shocked when it was revealed to be Peter Weber. Mike Johnson was not happy about how ABC chose to break the news to him.

Johnson revealed that he was informed just before the Bachelor in Paradise reunion episode. “Right before going on stage, they told me I wasn’t going to be the bachelor. And so, you got me out here, flew me to L.A. There was no need for me to be there, and you just told me I’m not gonna be the bachelor. So I just didn’t want to be there at all,” Johnson said.