‘Bachelor in Paradise’: The Top 3 Contestants From Colton Underwood’s Season We Expect to See

Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor was full of twists and turns few ever expected. At the end, Colton fell deeply in love with Cassie, and the two seem to have a lifelong connection that will end in marriage — but we can’t forget that Cassie initially left him when the going got tough. The lack of a final rose ceremony and the shocking fence jump were enough to make this season one to remember.

In addition to all of the drama, there’s another reason we’ll never be able to forget this season of The Bachelor — and that’s because of the amazing women who competed for Colton’s heart. Now, we’re anxiously awaiting to hear who we can expect to see looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise. Here’s who we think will be on the beach.

Hannah G. has already said who she hopes to meet in paradise

Cassie may have won Colton’s heart, but overall, fans seemed to really root for Hannah Godwin. She was left brokenhearted in the end when Colton cut her time short before the final rose ceremony, and we remember when she boldly questioned him for answers during the season finale. Many expected her to become the next Bachelorette, too. While we know now that Hannah Brown will be the next lead for the series, we think this certainly isn’t the last time we’ll hear of Hannah G., either.

It seems the blonde beauty has also considered the possibility of ending up on Bachelor in Paradise, too. When Extra TV asked her if she’d like to head to the beach for love, she said, “I’d be open to it. I love the beach, and I love love. So I heard you can find both of those things there. It’s possible, you never know.” She even mentioned that if she does head to Paradise, she hopes to see Blake Hortsmann, the runner-up from Becca Kufrin’s season. “I’d have to hang out with him to kind of figure out if that would work and everything. So maybe Paradise would be a spot to meet each other,” Hannah said.

We’ve been given a clue that Demi will be there

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She may have initially seemed like the outspoke villain of the group, but fans grew to love Demi Burnett over the course of the season. From the start, Demi was always unabashedly herself — and while she may have been too much for Colton to handle, she’s made it known that she still thinks of herself as strong, confident, and capable of finding love. Refinery29 reminds us she told Chris Harrison during the Women Tell All special, “I know who I am and I know that I’m a badass. And there are amazing guys out there and I will find someone one day.”

During the special, Chris also seemed to give a major hint that we’d be seeing Demi again, too. As he told her, “You’re definitely a fun spirit to have. Something tells me we’ll probably see you again somewhere.” To that, Demi gave a knowing smile that made us all believe she was signed up for Bachelor in Paradise.

Tayshia has spoken about appearing on TV again

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She may not be as heartbroken as Hannah G. or as outspoken as Demi, but Tayshia certainly attained a serious fan base as one of the runner-ups on Colton’s season. Fans adored how strong, wise, and confident Tayshia was, as she seems like a smart woman who knows what she wants and has a good head on her shoulders. And we’d love to see her find love in Paradise as well, as she had plenty of people rooting for her and Colton.

During an interview with Vulture, Tayshia spoke about the odds of her returning to reality TV for love. “I have mixed feelings about that. I’m looking forward to what other opportunities come around, whether with Paradise or anything else. I’ll never say never. But it’s a different world,” she said. Hopefully with a bit of time, Tayshia will decide Paradise is the perfect place to find love and give it another go.

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