‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Were Derek Peth’s Feelings for Demi Burnett a Producer Ploy to Get Him Chosen as the Bachelor?

Bachelor in Paradise is getting sticky. And we don’t just mean from the humidity. Couples who fans may have thought would make it to the end are showing cracks, while others have just completely called it quits.

Demi Burnett and Derek Peth were fan favorites. They seemed to connect almost immediately. Peth got Burnett’s weird quirks and even agreed to smell her armpits on multiple occasions. If that isn’t love then we don’t know what is.

But this week, it became clear that Burnett wasn’t as into Peth as she claimed to be in the beginning.

What happened with Peth and Burnett?

Before coming onto the show, Burnett was dating a woman named Kristian Haggerty. She came to Paradise in the hopes of figuring out if she was actually as into Haggerty as she thought or if love was waiting for her on the beach. But as time went on, she couldn’t get Haggerty out of her head.

“I have Derek in front of me and it feels nice to be around him, but I don’t have Kristian around me, so I don’t know how I’d feel if it was just me and her,” Burnett said in her confessional. “It’s easy for people who are exploring options here because all of their options are here, and one of my options is not here. So that’s where it gets a little difficult for me.”

Peth and Burnett’s break up

When Haggerty eventually showed up on the beach, Burnett expressed her feelings for her.

“I thought not seeing you…I wouldn’t think about you as much and I’d think about what was in front of me,” she said. “But the opposite happened. The more I was away from you…the more I thought about you. The more I spent time with him, the more you kept coming to the forefront of my mind. The second I saw you, I knew…it’s you. It’s always been you. I want to be with you.”

So she had to break up with Peth.

“She’s going to stay here and I’m going to pursue a relationship with her here,” Burnett told Peth of Haggerty.

Why this could be a ploy to get Peth as the Bachelor

After Burnett broke up with Peth, he was extremely heartbroken. But he was also eerily supportive. Normally, when a person breaks up with you for someone else, it’s natural to be bitter. Peth was sad to see Burnett go but ultimately just wanted her to be happy.

Even his reaction when Burnett first told him that she was having feelings for someone back home was nothing but caring.

The only thing that Bachelor Nation loves more than a heartbroken guy is a caring, heartbroken guy. Peth’s tears shot him to the top of the list of Bachelor potentials.

Think about it, now Peth has been dumped by Bachelorette t, went through a failed engagement with his Bachelor in Paradise boo Taylor Nolan, and pushed to the side on BIP by Burnett. Is there a better redemption story out there? Probably not.

And according to Reality Steve, Burnett knew that her girlfriend was coming on the show before filming even started. If Burnett knew, some of the other cast members might have known as well, which means this whole romance between Peth and Burnett could have been just for dramatics.