‘Bachelor in Paradise’: What Happened Between Clay Harbor and Angela Amezcua?

Oh Bachelor in Paradise producers, you sure know how to make good television. Just when we think a couple is in the clear and in for an easy and steady ride to the end of BIP, you throw a wrench in their plans. Bravo prodcuers, bravo.

This week, multiple couples took a hit, but there was one couple that audiences thought was stronger than anything that production could throw at them. And that was Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez Alvar. The two had already been through one rough patch when Lopez Alvar dubbed herself “the Bachelorette of Paradise” and went on two dates back to back with other men.

Eventually, things calmed down and Harbor and Lopez Alvar were able to get back on track and focus on one another. At least until last night, when Harbor’s ex, Angela Amezcua, showed up on the beach.

Who is Amezcua?

Amezcua first appeared on our television screens when she competed on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. Unfortunately, she was not given a rose on night one and was sent home. Since she didn’t spend that much time in the Bachelor mansion, audiences didn’t really get to know her at all.

She, then, she appeared on season five of Bachelor in Paradise, determined to find love and actually get some camera time this go around. She ended up connecting with Eric Bigger from Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette. The two started off strong, but then the show eventually got to be too much for him and he quit. As Amezcua hadn’t made any other connections, she was sent home at the next rose ceremony.

What happened between Harbor and Amezcua?

Last night, we saw Amezcua’s arrival in Paradise stir up some feelings for Harbor. But what actually went on between the two before that?

Harbor and Amezcua didn’t meet on any Bachelor shows. But as Blake Horstmann has made abundantly clear, there are plenty of opportunities for Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants to meet and hook up outside of the shows.

The two met through former BIPer Chris Randone after Amezcua told him that she was interested in Harbor, according to Us Weekly.

Amezcua and Harbor first went public with their relationship in September of last year when Harbor posted a picture of her on his Instagram.

“What do the kids call it?” he captioned the photo. “Woman crush Wednesday? Welp here’s mine.”

Things got serious pretty quickly and by October the pair were thinking of moving in together.

“I’m still in South Carolina, but before Paradise, I was maybe gonna move to Nashville, and that’s still kind of the plan,” she said on the October 1st episode of The Ben & Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast. “But I don’t know. We’re talking, there’s been some things that we’re talking about. …It’s great because our schedules are super flexible right now, so it’s kind of like anything is a possibility at this point.”

“If he gets picked up, then I can kind of go wherever he gets picked up or whatever,” she continued, speaking of the chance that Harbor would get drafted by an NFL team again.”So it’s kind of a perfect time. Like, I feel like timing is always very important in a relationship, and I feel like the timing is right for us right now.”

But eventually things went south and the two broke up just before filming for Paradise began.