‘Bachelor In Paradise’: What Is Really Going On Between Mike Johnson and Tayshia Adams?

Even though Bachelor In Paradise has ended, fans are suspecting that something is now going on between franchise alums, Mike Johnson and Tayshia Adams.

Last we heard, Johnson was getting to know singer Demi Lovato on a more personal level while Adams was in long-distance relationship with fellow BiP contestant John Paul Jones.

Mike Johnson and Tayshia Adams
Mike Johnson (Walt Disney Television via Getty Images/Craig Sjodin) | Tayshia Adams (Craig Sjodin/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

However, after Johnson and Adams were recently spotted getting cozy at the iHeartMusic Festival in Las Vegas, many of us don’t know what to think at this point.

Fans are certain that something is going on between these two

If you’re someone who continues to keep up with cast members after a reality show has ended, you’re not the only one.

When it comes the Bachelor franchise, fans continue to stay up to date with the show’s alums and sometimes, they can get a little too invested when there’s news surrounding a few fan-favorites.

The latest season of Bachelor in Paradise had it fair share of love connections, but one none of us saw coming was a possible relationship between Mike Johnson and Tayshia Adams.

After BiP came to an end, fans were happy to see that Adams was in a long-distance relationship with John Paul Jones while Johnson was starting to establish something special with pop star, Demi Lovato.

These Bachelor alums were the last two people we would have ever thought had a possible love connection, but after being spotted at the iHeartMusic Festival in Las Vegas, we aren’t too sure anymore.

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This past weekend, the BiP contestants were spotted getting pretty cozy at the event, which they attended with fellow Bachelor alums, Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes as well as former-Bachelor Ben Higgins and his girlfriend Jessica Clarke.

While many fans didn’t think anything of Johnson and Adams being spotted together at the music festival, others were left suspicious after realizing that John Paul Jones and Demi Lovato were nowhere in sight.

The internet soon went into a frenzy after Johnson and Adams were photographed hugging.

Sources have revealed that Johnson and Adams are not dating

After seeing the photos, many fans are certain that a possible hookup is in the cards for Mike Johnson and Tayshia Adams (especially after that whole Stagecoach situation).

Despite looking extremely cozy during the iHeartRadio Music Festival, a source recently confirmed that Adams and Johnson are not dating.

In fact, Adams is still in a long-distance relationship with John Paul Jones.

“Tayshia and John Paul Jones are still together,” the source told E! News.

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As for what really went down between these Adams and Johnson at the music festival, the source revealed that they were just enjoying themselves alongside their fellow Bachelor nation stars.

“Tayshia and Mike hung out in Las Vegas during the iHeartRadio Music Festival, but they were always with a bunch of stars from Bachelor Nation. They were chummy and getting along but not flirting,” the source shared.

“Everyone from the franchise was excited to see each other and several of them were spotted at Shake Shack one night having an unofficial after-party,” they continued. “Mike’s friendly with everyone and so is Tayshia. They were just great pals having a blast.”