‘Bachelor in Paradise’: What Really Happened Between Blake Horstmann and Caelynn Miller-Keyes?

Even though Bachelor in Paradise has ended, there are still a lot of questions that are left to be answered, like what really happened between Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Blake Horstmann before Paradise?

At the beginning of the season, Miller-Keyes made it seem like Horstmann was intimate with her and then just threw her away the next day, but at the reunion, she seemed to backtrack a little on her story. So, what really happened between the two?

What did Miller-Keys say happened between her and Blake Horstmann?

BIP didn’t start out all that great for Horstmann. He went from being the big man on the beach to a social pariah as soon as Miller-Keyes came onto the show. When the former pageant queen arrived, she began telling people about her experience with Horstmann.

“I thought he was a great guy and that we really had something,” she told bartender Wells Adams. “We talked about skipping Paradise and coming out with us, and then he ghosted me. Just like fully stopped communication and now I’m here. F—ing first date. And then we saw each other at a music festival. He ended up sweet-talking me and we spent the night together. And we wake up and I’m in his bed and he’s DMing Hannah G. I’m still in his bed, he’s talking about how hot Tayshia is. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Like no dude, that’s not okay. And then he was like, ‘I just want to let you know I hooked up with Kristina the night before.'”

Since then, Horstmann has released text messages between the two that seem to show that Miller-Keyes was the one pursuing him.

What really happened between Horstmann and Miller-Keyes?

Horstmann recently went on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast to clear things up about what really went on between him and Miller-Keyes.

On the beach, Miller-Keyes had insisted that she and Horstmann were serious and would FaceTime for hours a day when they were dating. But Horstmann is telling a different story.

“We definitely didn’t FaceTime three times a day,” he said on the show. “We did FaceTime, but it was definitely not three times a day.”

And he also claimed that they were not serious at all, given that Miller-Keyes was in the running to be the Bachelorette while they were dating.

“We were open about that,” he continued.” She wanted to be the Bachelorette and she was ready to leave and do that right away, but all of a sudden, suddenly it’s like, this very serious and exclusive relationship,” he continued. “That’s where my confusion was. Why act how you did on Women Tell All and the fact that you want to be Bachelorette … and suddenly months later, we were in this very serious relationship?”

On the BIP reunion, Miller-Keyes did eventually admit that she overreacted on the beach.

“I’m sorry, Blake,” she said. “I was hurt and I was sad. I fully overreacted. I’ve apologized time and time again, but I would never stoop so low to air those text messages.”

It looks like the there is no more animosity between Horstmann and Miller-Keyes but it’s probably best for the two to steer clear of one another for the time being.