‘Bachelor in Paradise’: What Sparked Jasmine’s Meltdown?

When Bachelor in Paradise contestants Matt Munson and Christen Whitney decided to go on a date, it didn’t sit well with the Queen of Paradise, Jasmine Goode. “Sneaky and slimy” is how she summed up Christen’s going behind her back to ask Matt out. In the end, it didn’t matter because Matt opted to go home, leaving two parts to another love triangle behind.

Since the episode, Jasmine’s reaction to the whole thing has stirred up some big reactions from fans. How did we get here — did Jasmine go too far?

1. She did it for ABC

Jasmine Goode smiles in a pink shirt behind a blue background.

Jasmine Goode | ABC

You want drama, ABC? Ask your queen and she will provide. When Jasmine goes to confront Christen, she finds a deer in the headlights, brushing her teeth. In terms of reality TV drama, this actually wasn’t the huge blowout viewers expected it to be with a preface like, “You want good TV, ABC, I’m about to give you good TV.”

Jasmine was obviously upset, and Christen was obviously uncomfortable, but I’d give this whole particular interaction a six on the Bachelor in Paradise drama scale.

2. She was marking her territory

Matt Munson speaks to another contestant.

Matt Munson | ABC

Jasmine did a lot of talking about how she hopes she’s at the top of Christen’s mind throughout her date with Matt. When they came back, she jumped into his arms to make a very clear point. She wanted to let everyone know — Christen and all of us at home — that all the hard work she’s been putting in with Matt wasn’t for not.

Was it a little much? Maybe. But that’s why Jasmine’s a fan favorite.

3. She sabotaged the enemy

Christen in a red top and behind a blue background.

Christen Whitney | ABC

Getting a nickname like “scallop fingers” at this point in the show is mortifying. Getting the nickname and having it stick is just sad. Having scallop fingers could very well cost Christen a rose if she’s not careful with her scallop intake (which, to be fair, is kind of a lot?).

Jasmine knew what she was doing when she was telling everyone about the scallops in the club story, and it seems to have worked. If Matt wanted to betray her, then she wanted to let it be known it was with a girl who has scallop fingers.

4. Let’s just hope no one gets put in a ‘chokey’

Jasmine Goode cries in the back of a car after a bad encounter.

Jasmine Goode | ABC

Jasmine went off a little bit on camera, insinuating that if this weren’t on TV, she’d like to rough Christen up a little bit. I get it, it’s hot in paradise, a virgin just ran off with your man, and emotions run high to say the least. To emphasize Jasmine’s frustration towards the situation, ABC was sure to also show plenty of Christen crying, saying things like, “I’m in a rock and a hard place.”

We all know Jasmine has a history of “putting people in a chokey” —  let’s just hope it doesn’t get there with Christen.

5. She finally got the attention she deserved

Nick Viall looks uncertain about his relationship with Jasmine.

Nick Viall | ABC

When Jasmine was on The Bachelor with Nick, she opened up about feeling like she had been cast aside and about how she was hardly getting any attention from Nick, when it seemed like all the other girls were. Can you imagine being on a show like The Bachelor and feeling like the last one picked in dodgeball? That’s got to do a number to your self confidence, never mind just your feelings in general.

But, now that she’s in paradise, Jasmine had finally been feeling like she was getting the attention she deserved from someone (Matt) — that is, until Christen got in the way.

6. She was on the right track

Jasmine Goode chokes up and cries while talking to Nick.

Jasmine Goode | ABC

Even after Matt and Christen went on a date —  it apparently went well — Matt still told Christen that he couldn’t confirm whether or not he would be giving his rose to her. He even said, “I sincerely feel like Jas deserves to be here.” So even though Matt did go on a date with someone else, he was still thinking of Jasmine and her well-being when it came to the rose.

Things didn’t end up working out, obviously, but Jasmine wasn’t freaking out over a guy who didn’t consider her feelings at all.

7. In the end, it doesn’t even matter

Matt Munson in a blue V-neck and a blue background.

Matt Munson | ABC

Plot twist! Matt left the show anyway! “I’m glad I came here and I’m glad I gave it a shot. I just think that I’m ready to go home,” he said, “I just feel like it’s time for me to step away. I made my peace with it.”

Jasmine wasn’t pleased, even though there’s been speculation about whether the two are dating now that the show’s over. But for the time being, it looks like Matt couldn’t hang with all the drama of living in paradise.

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