‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Who Hannah G. Hopes to Meet at the Beach

Hannah G. had a heartbreaking journey on Colton’s season of The Bachelor. Since she received the first impression rose, Hannah believed her and Colton were a sure thing. That is, until he knocked on her door in Portugal to break up with her and chase after Cassie.

During the live finale, Hannah opened up to Chris Harrison and the audience about how hard her heartbreak’s been. Luckily for her, she got the opportunity on stage to ask Colton some questions and finally get some closure.

Colton and Hannah G. | Rick Rowell via Getty Images
Colton and Hannah G. | Rick Rowell via Getty Images

Will Hannah G. be on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Ever since Hannah B. was announced as The Bachelorette, Bachelor Nation has been ecstatic at the prospect of Hannah G. being the star of Paradise.

In a recent interview with Extra TV, Hannah G. was asked if she’d go on Bachelor in Paradise?

“I’d be open to it,” she said coyly. “I love the beach, and I love love. So I heard you can find both of those things there. It’s possible, you never know.”

Who Hannah G. wants to see in ‘Paradise’

The interviewer then asked who she’d like to see in Paradise, if anyone.  

“I think Blake’s a catch. So I’d like to see him there,” she said after a moment of thought. “I’d have to hang out with him to kind of figure out if that would work and everything. So maybe Paradise would be a spot to meet each other. Who knows. But also I want to go in super open-minded and just go in with my gut.”

Blake Hortsmann was the runner up in Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. He’s smart, sensitive, and had his heart broken on national television–soemthing they already have in common!

Then in an interview with Us Weekly, she brought up Blake’s name again when asked if there’s anyone, in particular, she’d like to run into in Paradise.

“I think Blake’s a cutie,” she said.  

What Hannah G.’s looking for in ‘Paradise’

Hannah G. told Us that she’s looking forward to pursuing a mutual relationship this time around.

“I know that, personally, I caught major feelings in this whole entire experience, so I think I’d definitely be open to catching feelings, but hopefully it would be on a two-way street situation instead of just a one-way,” she said.

She also added that she’s looking for someone “who’s humble, openminded, hard-working and caring.” Sounds like Blake qualities to us!

Will Blake be on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Blake told Us Weekly at The Bachelor finale viewing party that there’s a good chance viewers will be able to see him in Paradise.

“I’m always interested in dating and you never know when the love of your life is going to walk into your life. So I’m definitely open to all of that,” said the 29-year-old Colorado native. “If I’m single, I will probably be on Paradise.”

‘Bachelor’ fans really want Hannah G. and Blake to end up together

Even before there were discussions of Paradise, Bachelor Nation had been shipping Hannah G. and Blake.

When fans found out the two might both be going to Paradise they could hardly contain themselves.

We’ll just have to wait until this summer to see if there’s a connection between America’s sweetest rap star and the well-spoken, sensitive gentleman.

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