‘Bachelor’ Nation Fans Are Making Fun of Jed Wyatt on Instagram For Still Not Being a Famous Musician

It seems like a lifetime ago when Hannah Brown chose Jed Wyatt over Tyler Cameron at the end of her season of The Bachelorette. And despite all of the drama that occurred during the season amongst the contestants, it was the ending that truly shocked audiences. While Brown and Wyatt got engaged and had a happy couple of months together, Brown broke off the engagement after hearing details of a relationship Wyatt had with another woman prior to coming on to the show. And it turns out Wyatt may have wanted fame more than love.

Bachelor Nation fans haven’t taken lightly to Wyatt’s alleged wrongdoings, either. Here’s what they just said on a recent Instagram post about his music career and performances now.

Wyatt allegedly wanted to use The Bachelorette to launch his music career

It’s not unheard of for contestants to come on to the Bachelor shows for a shot at fame rather than a shot at love. And while Jed Wyatt seemed genuinely into Hannah Brown when he first met her and in love with her later on in the season, he was accused of joining The Bachelorette cast for his shot at music glory. Vanity Fair explained Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend and fellow musician, Haley Stevens, came forward to the press about their relationship and Wyatt’s true intentions.

According to Stevens, Wyatt was still with her when he was cast for The Bachelorette, and he told her he was solely going on the show to advance his music career as a singer/songwriter. Stevens later came out to the press when Wyatt returned home from the show and didn’t contact her despite promising they would remain together after all was said and done.

Hannah Brown broke up with Jed Wyatt after his ex-girlfriend came forward

Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown
Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Bachelorette fans could tell something was up with Wyatt and Brown during Wyatt’s hometown visit. His family wasn’t nearly as welcoming to Brown as the other families were, and they seemed concerned that he was pursuing a potential engagement with Brown when he’s so music-focused at the moment. Now that fans know Stevens’ side of the story, it all seems to make sense why Wyatt’s family was nervous. And Brown decided not to stay with her fiance after the news broke.

“I’m going through a lot of emotions right now. I’m mad, I’m sad. And other days I’m like, ‘What just happened to me?’” Brown told People after she chose to break off the engagement. “If he loved me, wanted the best for me, why did he not give that to me? He always said he never wanted to hurt me, but he hurt me worse than anybody else did.”

Fans also took to Instagram to slam Wyatt for his actions. “I feel for your family, your ex & especially Hannah but YOU need to own your responsibility in putting them in this position. Millions watch this show with passion and devotion to those on it,” a follower commented on this Instagram post.

Fans are making fun of him for still not making it big in the music world

If Wyatt’s initial end game was to help launch his music career, it seems he hasn’t struck gold yet. While he’s been on dog food commercials and performed at some lowkey venues, it doesn’t seem like he’s the big star he hoped to be at this point. And while he still maintains that he loved and cared for Brown way more than he expected, we can’t forget that music was always the center of his life on the show, too.

Recently, Wyatt posted a photo to Instagram of himself playing the guitar for an iHeartRadio event — and fans ruthlessly mocked him for it. “How’s that dog food jingle going for ya?” a fan commented. Another mocked, “So glad that you ruining Hannah’s bachelorette experience got you famous – you should be so proud.” Another commented, “Lmao I can’t believe anyone showed up!” Yet another mentioned how bad Wyatt’s singing allegedly was. “People are saying that you bombed hard at this event and sang way off key. Care to explain?” they wrote.

Despite the drama and the negativity, Wyatt seems to have gained a solid fanbase. And it looks like he’s continuing to attempt to grow his music empire despite the hate. As long as he stays far away from Bachelor Nation, he may have a fighting chance at fame eventually!

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