Bachelor Nation is Both Obsessed With and Over Hearing About Colton’s Virginity

Colton’s season of The Bachelor recently ended and fans are both relieved and disappointed to not be hearing about the loss of the star’s virginity any longer. As soon as Colton revealed on The Bachelorette that he was a virgin, ABC started licking its chops; it knew it had a new and exciting selling point. The Bachelor has, historically, leaned towards conservatism, what with their lack of diversity and shaming bachelorettes for having sex prior to the fantasy suites episode. So it was both strange and unsurprising to see Chris Harrison (or, more likely, the show’s producers) so completely obsessed with Colton’s sexual activity, as if to suggest that men who haven’t had sex ought to be ashamed. There was such a focus on Colton’s virginity that it almost felt more important than whether he’d find love or not.

Colton and Cassie | Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images
Colton and Cassie | Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

How many times can Chris Harrison bring up Colton’s virginity during the finale?

During the finale, Harrison showed heartbreaking, raw footage of Cassie and Colton’s breakup, as well as Colton’s breakups with Tayshia and Hannah G. Everyone was highly emotional. Hannah G. even had to remind the audience that though the show is a source of entertainment for Americans, the contestants are real people feeling real emotions. Despite all this, Harrison still relentlessly brought up Colton’s time in the fantasy suites.

At the end of the finale, when Cassie and Colton came out together, Harrison asked Colton, once again, if he had had sex yet. The former bachelor gave a wonderful, albeit incredibly rehearsed, response.

“I know I’ve been very open and candid about my virginity, but since there are two of us now in this relationship it’s something that we’re gonna keep to ourselves.”

The audience let out a big “aww” in response.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes,’” responded Harrison.

Even with his request for privacy, Bachelor Nation has become so invested in Colton’s virginity that the internet is still abuzz with questions about the former bachelor’s sex life.

E! News, for example, is hosting a poll about when Colton and Cassie first had sex.

The whole thing feels a little Hunger Games-esque. Just because Colton was initially candid about his virginity (he says he wanted to address the stigma attached to male athletes and sexuality) doesn’t mean he has to be an open book about his sexuality from now until the end of time.

Bachelor Nation is divided on the subjesct of Colton’s virginity

Some fans became incredibly invested in the former bachelor’s sex life.

“You mean we watched a whole season to find out if Colton loses his virginity or not and he hits us with “a gentleman never kisses and tells” ?!? Get the f*** out,” writes one Twitter user.

And some fans are excited to be done with the whole virginity obsession.

From the beginning of his season, Colton’s always maintained the same message about his virginity: he’s thankful for the support he’s received in his decision to be candid about that part of his life, but he urges everyone to remember that it’s only a “small part of who [he] is.”

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