Bachelor Nation Believes This 1 Season Was the Last ‘Genuine’ One Before Everything Changed

Many Bachelor fans want to forget that Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor ever happened. While reminiscing about older seasons in the franchise history, fans have agreed about the best season ever. They also have figured out why it was the last “genuine” season before everything changed.

'The Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison
‘The Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison | Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images

Why do fans hate Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ so much?

Fans are utterly exhausted after Pilot Pete’s season of The Bachelor. Many agree that the producers took the drama too far — from the champagne gate setup to bringing Alayah Benavidez back after Weber sent her home. Many of the women they chose seem like they only went on the show to become an influencer on Instagram.

The producers are not entirely to blame. Weber never knew what he wanted, and that bothered fans the most. He had to talk Madison Prewett into meeting his parents in Australia. Then she leaves anyway. The pilot proposes to Hannah Ann Sluss only to break up even before the finale airs. 

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Then, when he finally chooses Prewett, the two break up only days after the finale. Toss in Weber’s mother and her intense dislike for the woman her son wanted, and it’s all just too much. 

“If we never see or hear from Peter again, I would be totally ok with it,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

However, we did hear from him again when host Chris Harrison acted as if no one knew that Weber is now dating Kelley Flanagan.

Fans consider Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season the most ‘genuine’

Bachelor Nation forgot what a breath of fresh air Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette was. 

“Each episode had a good balance of drama, funny scenes, and had the best dates,” one Reddit user wrote. “We really got to see contestants’ personalities on those dates.”

Other fans point out that the significant difference between Bristowe’s season and those that followed hers was the massive influence of social media. 

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“I agree!” another fan added. “I think Kaitlyn’s season was one of the last, right before the big Instagram/influencer movement, and that made it so much better. You could tell the guys were really there for her and invested. You can see just by watching back how much Instagram has changed the show for the worse. It seemed so genuine compared to now.”

Viewers pointed out that the contestants on the show were “actual, everyday guys,” that they loved. Fans also love Bristowe and feel that she was a stellar choice for a leading lady on the show.

“She was also a great lead,” wrote another fan. “She was spunky, confident, but also nervous. She was so genuine, and it really showed!”

How has social media changed ‘The Bachelor’ franchise shows? 

“I feel like the problem now is that people go on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette for clout and not to be that person,” one Redditor commented. “Nobody is actually here for the right reasons anymore unless those reasons are to get a podcast and sell fab fit fun boxes after their season.”

Fans believe that the seasons before influencers were more “genuine and real.” Almost every contestant on Weber’s season left the show with over 3,000 followers, making them instant micro-influencers. 

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“What I loved about Bristowe’s season and even Ben’s and maybe ending at JoJo’s was the leftover realism of the cast,” another fan added. “The group of guys on Bristowe’s season were hilarious, real, and seemed close. The girls on Ben’s season were great as well. Now? I can’t connect with any of the leads or cast, and it lost me.”

Bachelor Nation is worried that the contestants joining the show are only going on to become Instagram famous instead of looking for love. They hope that Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette will bring the show back to its original roots.