Former Bachelor Nick Viall Says Social Media Has Changed The Franchise–’It’s Very High School’

Former bachelor Nick Viall says times are changing for the franchise. He was recently on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast and spoke about how the show has taken a turn for the dramatic, and how he believes social media is the root cause.

Nick Viall | Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images
Nick Viall | Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images

“It’s like Hannah Brown and Colton Underwood started this new wave of cast members,” said the Viall Files host.

Nick Viall says social media is making ‘The Bachelor’ petty

Viall says this “new wave” of cast members are different because we’re currently at the height of social media.

“There’s a war brewing among Bachelor Nation cast,” he told host Rachel Lindsay. “It’s all social media’s fault. You’re, like, in the middle of it. When I, like, on Kaitlyn [Bristowe]’s season was kind of the beginning of the social media height and then JoJo Fletcher’s season. Now we’re at full-blown social media.”

Viall goes on to say that social media’s causing a certain tension amongst Bachelor stars.

“There’s this constant, like it’s high school, and it’s like The Sharks and The Jets—that’s an O.G. reference from West Side Story—and everyone’s just like pretending to be friends,” he said. “Everyone’s just going after the same FabFitFun deals and everyone’s just like jocking for position. And everyone’s just talking sh*t. It’s kind of fun. It’s like the Marvel Civil War movie. Everyone’s kinda friends, like, we all kinda like each other and then we get into this big fight.”

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Viall can’t help but classify the current behavior being exhibited by Bachelor Nation as immature, even though he’s guilty of it himself.

“It’s very high school-ish and it can get very petty,” he said. “We all have been guilty of, at times, being petty and kind of responding to our own insecurities and criticisms.”

Bachelor audiences got a glimpse at how social media’s changed the franchise in the most recent season of Bachelor In Paradise. Because so many contestants had connected prior to filming, there was quite a bit of drama brewing before the cast even got together in Mexico. There’s no stopping contestants from sliding into each other’s DMs before meeting.

Nick Viall weighs in on the Rachel Lindsay and Raven Gates drama

Bachelor Happy Hour host Lindsay has had her fair share of drama in recent months. She and her ex-friend Raven Gates had a falling out and then former bachelor Colton Underwood commented on the feud on Instagram, calling out Lindsay.

“Shocker. Rachel mad at another person… does she like anyone?” he wrote.

On the most recent podcast episode, Viall shared his thoughts on the Rachel and Raven drama.

“I quite like Raven,” he said. “This is not about me criticizing Raven because I don’t like her—I think she’s great in person. I think the person she portrays herself to be on the show and on Instagram is full of s*** and lying and bulls***. And, I think she talks shit about people all the time. And I think that’s totally fine, but I don’t like that people sometimes pretend to be a certain way.”

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