‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber Says He Ends Up ‘Happier,’ Despite His Struggles With Dating Multiple Women

Dating one person is daunting enough. So what could possibly go wrong when you date 30 women at once? The Bachelor‘s Peter Weber is about to find out. On Jan. 6, ABC will premiere Pilot Pete’s new season. And as always, it already looks like there will be plenty of drama up until the very end.

Chris Harrison says Peter Weber has a hard time dating multiple women

When speaking with Access on Dec. 16, Bachelor Nation host Chris Harrison revealed Weber doesn’t have a difficult time showing affection starting night one.

“He’s not shy,” Harrison said. “Spoiler alert, he has his first kiss on night one. So it happens very quickly.”

However, Weber’s openness is the problem. When asked how the contestants reacted to Weber’s affection, Harrison confirmed no one takes it well. “I mean, would you if you’re trying to date somebody and you see them making out on night one? Not well,” he said.

Meanwhile, the host revealed Weber will run into a “Ben Higgins situation type problem, where you really do start falling for multiple women and you start feeling for multiple women.”

He continued: “If you’re in it, you’re in it. But there are other people part of this and their feelings are gonna get hurt, too.”

Then during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Harrison shared Weber’s season of The Bachelor is a “wild ride,” once again referencing Higgins’ season. And the host delved deeper into how this will lead to trouble on Weber’s Bachelor journey.

“It’s a guy who really wears his heart and emotions on his sleeve and is really good at compartmentalizing but almost too much,” Harrison said. “So, where it really lends he has a tough time kind of just cutting the cord with people and things kind of linger. That makes it difficult as he kind of kicks the can down the road. You need some emotional roadblocks and things get pretty tough down the road. “

Peter Weber says he ends up ‘happier’ after ‘The Bachelor’

A week before The Bachelor Season 24 premiere, People released a feature about Weber. And the 28-year-old echoed Harrison’s previous remarks, admitting that he underestimated how difficult it could be to date multiple women.

“There’s going to be no shortage of emotion. The experience was beautiful, but it was hard too,” Weber said. “I don’t think I truly understood how difficult it would be to date that many women.”

Nevertheless, Weber assured Bachelor Nation he didn’t regret any of his decisions as he remained true to himself. “But I wear my heart on my sleeve,” he said. “And I’m never going to change.”

Regardless, the next bachelor confirmed plenty of “sparks” as the season moves forward. “You can’t fake chemistry,” Weber said. “I definitely felt an initial spark right off the bat. There were for sure a couple [women] that I felt really strongly for.”

Peter Weber visits "Extra" at Burbank Studios on September 17, 2019 in Burbank, California.
Peter Weber of ‘The Bachelor’ | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

It also appears Weber ends up leaving The Bachelor one happy man. “I went into the experience hoping for the best,” he said. “And where I am now, I couldn’t be happier.”

But how exactly does Weber’s Bachelor season end? Fans will have to hold on for a few more weeks. However, when speaking with Good Morning America, Harrison hinted this year’s finale will be “unlike any other.”

“You truly aren’t gonna know how it’s going to end until the very end,” Harrison said. “It’s possible it’s still not over.”

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