‘The Bachelor’: How Peter Weber Really Feels About Hannah Brown Now

We’re well into The Bachelor Season 24, and fans are still wondering whether Peter Weber and Hannah Brown end up together after their heartwrenching goodbye early in the season. Viewers felt the emotions seeping out of The Bachelorette alums. But in the end, Weber decided to continue his season as Brown went off to compete — and win — Dancing With the Stars. So how does Weber feel about Brown now, months after filming The Bachelor? It seems the 28-year-old pilot is still on good terms with his ex.

Peter Weber and Hannah Brown meet up again on ‘The Bachelor’

Peter Weber of ABC's "The Bachelor" visits the SiriusXM Studios on February 04, 2020 in New York City.
Peter Weber | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

After sending Weber home on The Bachelorette, Brown returned to the ABC reality franchise in The Bachelor premiere. She first appeared on the first night and left Weber stunned when she stepped out of the limo.

“That was a complete shock,” Weber told Cosmopolitan. “I was just kinda standing there and wondering what was going on. When she first opened the door, I didn’t realize it was her.”

He continued: “I just remember looking in and being like, ‘Well, I know she’s beautiful,’ and I didn’t know it was her until she stepped out. She smiled and she kinda, like, tilted her head, and I was like, ‘Oh my god.’ I was completely floored.”

Then Brown tried to give Weber his pilot wings pin back as a symbolism of closure. 

“I thought that was really cool. She didn’t need to do that. I’d given that as a gift,” Weber said. “We had a special bond, and it wasn’t necessary, but I appreciated it. Just her coming there and being part of that first night. Some people might think it was weird and whatnot. But it was special and it meant a lot.”

Peter Weber and Hannah Brown say goodbye on ‘The Bachelor’

Following limo night, Brown reappeared on Weber’s season of The Bachelor to host a group date. But then both parties realized they still had feelings for each other when they had a conversation that Weber claims “was never supposed to happen.”

“I did not know the feelings would come back the way they did, I can promise you that,” Weber told BUILD Series on Feb. 4. “I wouldn’t have taken on being the bachelor if I didn’t truly think I was in a spot that I was over her to give myself to the 30 women I was going to meet. But I’m human and not perfect. I was wrong. I showed up, saw her, and everything flooded back.”

Nevertheless, Weber and Brown decided to end their relationship to pursue their own paths. Weber returned to his contestants. Meanwhile, Brown continued Dancing With the Stars. That said, Weber still believes Brown would have joined his Bachelor cast if she weren’t already filming the reality dancing competition.

“I think that she would have [come back to the house],” Weber said. “I guess I want to say that. I know that was kind of crazy for me to do. But that’s what I was feeling at the moment.”

Peter Weber shares how he feels about Hannah Brown now

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber on 'The Bachelor' Season 24
Hannah Brown and Peter Weber on ‘The Bachelor’ | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

For now, Bachelor Nation fans must watch as Weber continues his journey on the ABC reality franchise. Whether or not he finds love is still up in the air. But Weber has shared his feelings on Brown following their reunion. 

“I respect the hell out of Hannah,” Weber told Cosmopolitan in the interview above. “We had a really serious relationship and we both really cared for each other.”

Weber once again noted that his feelings for Brown “resurfaced” when she showed up on the group date. “I maybe questioned if I really was over her as much as I thought I was,” Weber said.

Regardless, it seems Weber and Brown’s relationship is still solid. “Right now, I think we are both in a really good place,” he said.

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