‘The Bachelor’: Chris Harrison Reveals How Peter Weber Reacts to His Injury and It’s Honestly the Sweetest Thing

The new season of The Bachelor is just around the corner. So basically, everyone is gearing up for all the drama starting on Jan. 6. Of course, since Peter Weber — aka Pilot Pete — is the latest lead, fans can look forward to endless airline jokes and windmill puns from now until the season finale. But most fans are also aware of one more major event in Weber’s season — and no, it has nothing to do with his final pick. While filming The Bachelor, Weber experienced a facial injury resulting in stitches. And recently, host Chris Harrison revealed how Weber reacts to the accident and how it actually affected the production of the ABC reality series.

What caused Peter Weber’s face injury on ‘The Bachelor’

According to Deadline, Weber received 22 stitches for a facial injury in Costa Rica on Oct. 8. The publication explained the next bachelor fell and hit his head on a golf course, where he cut his face on the two cocktail glasses he was carrying.

At the time, Harrison also wrote a statement on Instagram to share Weber’s status after his injury.

“There’s been some wild claims and rumors about Peter today,” Harrison wrote. “Peter suffered a freak accident. He got a cut on his head, he did get stitches but he’s 100% OK and production is already back underway. He’s still the dashing, handsome pilot we’ve all dreamed of.”

Then a week later, E! News reported Weber continued filming The Bachelor and promptly removed his stitches.

“Peter got his stitches out over the weekend prior to filming in Chile,” the E! News sources said on Oct. 14. “He’s been wearing lots of hats to cover the bandaged area.”

How did Peter Weber film ‘The Bachelor’ after his injury?

Peter Weber from 'The Bachelor'
Peter Weber from ‘The Bachelor’ | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Now, as the new season approaches, not much has been said about Weber’s injury on The Bachelor. However, it’s likely the accident doesn’t play a huge part, as Weber seemingly brushed it off like no big deal. Then in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Harrison confirmed Weber’s face injury will affect The Bachelor — but not as much as it probably should have.

“Obviously, the gash across the face will be a thing,” Harrison said. “Hopefully, that’s not all he’s known for. But that will be a moment this season that happens a little bit into it — it’s obviously while we’re traveling out of L.A. It happens on our second stop while we’re traveling. I don’t think that’ll be a centerpiece. But it’ll be a story.”

He continued: “It should have affected the show more than it did. We were probably not great at helping him take care of it as much as we should have. We probably should have been better.”

The host later added that Weber was “diving into waterfalls and pools of water” before he probably should have been. As in, Weber was basically setting himself up for an infection. But Harrison revealed Weber just wanted to be considerate of The Bachelor team and continue production.

“He’s such a gamer. This is why I love Peter — he immediately was apologetic about [the injury] and he felt so bad that he messed up the show and ruined our lives and ruined the franchise,” Harrison said. “He was such a sweet and sincere loving guy. He’s a team player and he wanted to help us out.”

That said, it seems Weber’s injury on The Bachelor won’t be nearly as dramatic as other aspects of the season. When speaking with Access on Dec. 16, Harrison said Weber’s golf accident is “clearly a big thing that we have to deal with this season, but there’s much more to that.”

“I think Peter’s thing will be steeped in emotion and real-life drama,” Harrison continued. “It’s not something quite as superficial as, say, the windmill or the jumping of the fence. There’s something just as dramatic, but it’s real-life-based, real-heart-based.”

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