‘The Bachelor’ Fans Spot Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan Together in a TikTok Video

Looks like The Bachelor’s Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are still hanging out together after being spotted in Chicago amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. On April 1, multiple Bachelor Nation fans brought forth a TikTok video featuring the 28-year-old pilot with his former contestant. And as expected, the short clip refueled the dating rumors surrounding Weber and Flanagan.

Bachelor Nation’s Peter Weber, Kelley Flanagan, and Dustin Kendrick appear in a TikTok video together

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber on 'The Bachelor' Season 24
Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber on ‘The Bachelor’ | Francisco Roman via Getty Images

In the TikTok video shared among Bachelor Nation fans — including franchise blogger Reality Steve — Weber, Flanagan, and The Bachelorette’s Dustin Kendrick hung out together with two other friends indoors. The five pals created their own rendition of the viral “Something New” dance challenge. 

Weber kicked off the video and it went on as expected. But then Flanagan made a surprise appearance at the end of the clip, leaving The Bachelor fans stunned. 

That said, this isn’t the first time Weber and Flanagan have been seen together since their breakup on The Bachelor. And on March 25, Reality Steve unveiled photos of Weber, Flanagan, and Kendrick at the Chicago Riverwalk. 

“They were right across from Marina Towers. They seemed to just be hanging out on the walk,” a witness told E! News about the meetup. “Peter was vibing and it seemed like, at one point, Kelley had his leg in her lap.”

At the time, no one knew how long the trio got together. On March 21, Illinois issued a “stay at home” order due to the coronavirus. But now it appears Weber, Flanagan, and Kendrick are still hanging out. 

Are Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan dating now?

Despite hanging out together recently, Weber and Flanagan have yet to confirm or deny their current relationship. But after The Bachelor finale on March 10 — as well as Weber’s breakups with Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett — Flanagan confirmed she wasn’t dating Pilot Pete. 

“I’m not with Peter,” Flanagan told E! News on March 12. “I promise I’m not dating Peter. I’m not dating Peter.”

Now two weeks have passed since Flanagan made her remarks. So it’s possible things have changed. But in an interview with Us Weekly on April 2, Kendrick hinted he wouldn’t be opposed to Weber and Flanagan dating. But it’s up to them to decide what happens next, whether that means getting together or even updating the public about their relationship.

“I think it’s fair for them to come out and say what they want to say,” Kendrick said. “But the only thing I can say is that they look really cute together and their interactions are really cute as well … I’m sure you’ll be possibly hearing stuff in the future from them, but I’ll let them say that.”

He later added: “After this is all over with, Peter and Kelley could be a ‘thing.’ I’m not opposed to it. From what I’ve been seeing, they’re very cute together. So, I hope so.”

Meanwhile, the recent TikTok video resurfaced concerns from Bachelor Nation fans who are worried the reality stars aren’t properly practicing social distancing amid the coronavirus. However, Kendrick claimed the pals have been quarantining together for about two weeks. 

“It’s just the three of us staying at Kelley’s apartment. We’ve just been chilling, making TikTok videos, trying to stay out of trouble with people,” he said. “I’m going to be here [quarantining with Peter and Kelley] until the very end. Hopefully, this will be over at the end of the month, so, we’ll just see how it goes.”

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