‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber Responds to a Fan Who Asks Why He’s ‘Not Listening to the Doctors’ and ‘Hanging out With People’

Former bachelor Peter Weber has been quarantining with Kelley Flanagan (from his season) and Dustin Kendrick (from Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette season) in Chicago. He recently posted on Instagram that he’s heading back to work (piloting planes), but he plans on returning to Chicago to be with Flanagan and Kendrick when he’s not working.

Chris Harrison and Peter Weber | Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images
Chris Harrison and Peter Weber | Kelsey McNeal via Getty Images

“We had been in the house for a while and we had that nice day in Chicago. That’s the day that everything kind of came out,” Kendrick told Us Weekly of quarantining with Weber and Flanagan. “They wanted to stay inside and I feel bad, because I forced them out. Peter hadn’t been in Chicago in years and I wanted to show him the River Walk and the Lakeview Path. I thought it was gonna be good for us to get out of the house and go for a walk.”

Peter Weber plans on heading back to Chicago to be with Kelley Flanagan and Dustin Kendrick when he’s not working

In a recent Instagram Q&A the former bachelor did, one fan asked: “Why r u not listening to the doctors and r hanging out with people and flying [sic]?”

“Air service is considered an essential service so I still have to work. I’m quarantined with [Kelley Flanagan] and [Dustin Kendrick] in Chi-town when I’m not working!” he replied.

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Another fan asked Weber what he’s most looking forward to “once the lockdown is lifted.”

“To never taking anything in my life for granted ever again,” he replied.

Peter Weber’s training tips and what his least favorite thing about being a pilot is

One fan asked Weber for some advice “for pilots in training getting their IFR/Commercial/Multi.”

“Take as few breaks as possible and try and knock out your training as quickly as possible. I found this helped me retain my knowledge and skillset better and kept me from ever getting ‘rusty’ while I was learning,” he responded.

Weber continued: “I love the passion that you have for aviation. I’m getting a lot of questions about my path and keep an eye out for a program that I’m working on right now detailing to those that are interested on how to achieve you’re [sic] dream. I want to help and encourage in any way I can. it’s the best job in the world. All the best and I’m stoked for the journey you have ahead of you!”

Weber also answered what his least favorite thing about being a pilot is.

“It’s really tough to maintain a healthy diet,” he wrote.

Another fan asked if he plans on watching Listen to Your Heart (The Bachelor‘s latest show).

“Of course, gonna live vicariously through all those beautiful people who can actually sing,” he responded.

The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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