‘Bachelor’ Season 23: These Are the Villains So Far

The Bachelor season 23 has just gotten started. But a few villains are already starting to rear their heads. And by villain, we aren’t talking about witches or Disney bad guys. No, The Bachelor villains are much more sinister.

Each year, The Bachelor puts between 20 and 30 girls in a house together. With that many people in one house, there are bound to be a few people who dislike each other. But watching girls politely disagree is absolutely no fun. So, each year the producers pick one girl and really play up any altercations that she has with the rest of the cast.

We are unsure how many of these fights are organic and how many are producer orchestrated, but one thing is certainly for sure, The Bachelor wouldn’t be half as interesting without a good villain. So who are season 23’s villains?


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Wait….there’s already drama in the house and we decided to give them swords?! #TheBachelor

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Catherine Agro

There are a few things that happen on night one of The Bachelor. The lead picks the person who made the best impression on them and gives them the first impression rose. But most importantly, on the first night, the villain starts to emerge.

This year, that villain was dog-lover and resident DJ Catherine Agro.

At first, Agro seemed pretty harmless. She even brought her dog to the mansion. But soon, she started displaying traits that would make her a shoo-in for this season’s villain.

On the first night of the show, the women are always vying for the lead’s attention. Because there is so little time, they often end up having to interrupt one another to steal the lead for a little one-on-one time. Stealing the lead once is frowned upon but still acceptable in The Bachelor land.

Agro stole bachelor Colton Underwood from another girl four times in one night. The other girls were obviously not too happy about her behavior and began to rally against her.

Demi Burnett


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When all your friends are on a group date and you’re waiting for them to get back

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In most seasons of the show, there is one clear villain. But this season, there are already two ladies who are vying for the title. Demi Burnett has also begun to show a few villain-like tendencies.

There is an unspoken rule in The Bachelor world that the contestants do not kiss the lead in front of one another. With over 20 girls dating the same guy, this rule helps keep things from getting too awkward.

Well, either no one told Burnett about this rule or she just didn’t care because on the first group date, she found an opportunity to kiss Underwood in front of the rest of the girls on the date.

But her villain ways didn’t stop there.

On the night portion of the group date, Burnett stole Underwood for some time alone. When she came back from her talk with the bachelor, she picked up the coveted group date rose.

This may not seem like a problem to the average person, but in The Bachelor world, everything gets blown out of proportion.

Burnett’s rose grabbing coupled with the fact that she is obviously not afraid to step on people’s toes makes her a great candidate to be this season’s villain.

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